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Luminar 3: The AI Powered Next Generation Photo Editor

Any photographer will tell you that camera technology has improved tremendously over the years. Today’s smartphones are equipped with super powerful optical technologies that are way ahead of the point-and-shoot cameras of just a few years ago. And it’s not surprising to see a similar trend in photo editing software. AI generated photos are gaining popularity. Photoshop is no longer the exclusive quarter for professional photographers and designers.

Whether you are a novice photographer, who merely shoot with a smartphone, or a veteran professional, one undisputable fact is that you’ll want to import your photos into your MacBook or Pc to organize, sort, print and share online. Here, you will need software that will meet needs. With tens of software promising to get the job done, choosing the best from the rest can be a daunting task. Today, we present to you the most innovative photo editor for Mac and PC. Meet Luminar 3- The AI Powered Next Generation Photo Editor.

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Photo editing and managing made easy.

When it comes to photo-editing and organizing your images, Luminar 3 is the to-go-to software thanks to its exceptional Artificial intelligence and image aware filters. The truth is some photo editing applications can be quite time consuming especially when settings need to be adjusted individually to achieve the perfect effect on photographs fed to the software. Luminar 3 has taken the manual out of photo-editing. What’s more? This incredible software comes with an extended commercial license and a lifetime access!

Luminar 3 provides a range of AI-based options which you can choose from after importing your photos to the software. The software is equipped with a range of tools that make photo-editing an exciting experience. It offers the following AI-based options:

  • Accent AI
  • AI Sky Enhancer
  • Sun Rays

With 60+ built-in styles as part of Luminar 3 software suite, application of professional effects to any photograph is a click away whether you want to transform a color photo into a black and white piece of art or make it more vibrant.

So what can you Achieve with Luminar 3?

  • You can easily adjust the appearance of the photo gallery to get your best images quickly
  • You will get recommendations for tools to use for specific types of photography
  • Comes with convenient shortcuts to find photos based on date, label, rating and editing status.
  • Offer a record less than 10 seconds of work per image
  • Search and filter catalogue by keyword or style and choose from 51 image enhancement filters to refine your photos and sole image problems


Luminar 3 is compatible with Windows 7 or higher as long as the pc has a 64-bit processor installed. The software is also compatible with Apple Mac devices running MacOs 10.11 or higher.

Potential customers get a “try for free” option together with an option to offer a one off fee that can be paid if the user decides to use the program. Compared to other competitors like Lightroom, the new AI features offered by Luminar 3 is enough reason to make a photographer to consider making a switch.

Photographers with an experience of previous versions of the Luminar software, will find navigating through the new version an exciting experience.

What makes Luminar 3 stand out?

Automatic Saving as You Edit

Luminar 3 saves your work automatically as you edit allowing you to focus all your energy and focus on the editing aspect. 

Browse through the Thumbnails Created with ease

Integrated database combination and file browser creates thumbnails for easy navigation. Whenever you synch folders with your computer’s hard drive, the same is replicated in the Windows Exproler or Finder

Sky enhancement

While existing tools offered by different photo editors offer a collection of graduated filters and brush tools to apply changes to the sky only, the A.I. sky enhance offered by Luminar 3 employs a simple slider thereby eliminating the process of actually selecting the sky.

How to Update 

The process of updating the Luminar software is straightforward. Remember to rerun the plugin installer if you are using Luminar as a plugin for photoshop or lightroom Classic. 

Mac – For Mac users, all you have to do is launch the Luminar 3, in the Top Menu Bar, choose Luminar 3 and then Check for updates.

 Windows – For Windows users, launch the Luminar 3 software and in the Top Menu Bar, choose Help and click on check updates.

Giving these awesome things this software can do, it clearly makes your photo editing process seamless, effective, and faster. This intelligent software is a must have for any creative professional. You can get Luminar 3 software here.

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