Free Backgrounds To Enhance Your Creatives

Five FREE Backgrounds To Get Your Creative Juices Flowing!

In this roundup article, you will come across some amazing background deals which can be downloaded for FREE and can be used in almost all design projects. These FREE backgrounds, will not only enhance your creativity but also make your designs cost effective!

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Any creative project begins with a good background. No matter what your design, you always start with a background palette suitable for your theme. It is safe to say that backgrounds are very important and set the tone for your creative venture. Many a time they can help you get new ideas and new ways of presenting your material. Hence you need backgrounds that are versatile and create an interesting base. They also determine the flow of your design and a visual road for your audience.

Seamless patterns are a basic tool for any designer as they are super flexible to use. Product designers have long used these for not only their products but also for their cover and packaging and graphic designers and web designers are not far behind. Patterns in web design have become a new trend in the last decade. With the rise of the “Up & Down” scrolling trend, seamless patterns have become the glue that holds the entire site together. They can include not only geometric patterns but also individual repeated images, separate repeated objects or single colors, and textures without borders or frames. They can also be made into a continuous image of the desired dimension. The best part of owning these seamless patterns or backgrounds is that the variety available online is so massive, that it gives you unlimited scope for design!

Now that you are all caught up, let’s dive right in, to explore free backgrounds that are sure to give you some amazing ideas!

1. Spring Background Patterns To Improve Your Web Design

Spring Background Patterns for Free

Spring brings feelings of joy, happiness, health, freshness, energy, and good vibes. That is exactly what this bundle of 14 backgrounds give to your design. To add to it, imagine refreshing and bright floral designs with each object having the effect of a watercolor painting! These backgrounds are a work of art in every sense.

What can you do with them?
Right from designing classy wedding invitations full of positivity to covering your favorite diary, you can do it all! Design beautiful posters for that baby shower you are planning or make that mother’s day card for your mom. That’s not all, print these patterns on bed sheets, pillows, and curtains to bring spring into your home! You’re sure to getter bigger, better ideas once you download this beautiful bundle for FREE.


2. Pink Glitter Background

Pink Glitter Background - Free Download

What emotions does the color pink remind you of? It is thought to be a calming color associated with love, kindness, and romance. Add some glitter to it and voila! A perfect combo to express your feelings on any occasion. This pink glitter background instantly sets the mood and conveys the theme that you are going for. Add to it some minimal text or images and that’s it! It is full of energy and vibe by itself and doesn’t need much work.

What can you do with it?
This background can be put to use in a number of ways. You can use this background in your matching bridesmaid t-shirt designs, Valentine’s day cards, wedding photo backdrops, sweet 16 birthday invites, Post Cards and so much more!


3. Gold Glitter Background

Gold Glitter Background - Free Download

Gold is timeless and classy no matter where you use it. It represents royalty, tradition, illumination, and warmth. Create masterpieces that shine like gold and sparkle like glitter with this elegant gold glitter background. After all, bling is in!! There is no other texture like gold and glitter that is versatile in all aspects. Add a touch of extravagance and excess to your designs with this awesome background!

What can you do with it?
So many things that you can do with this background! Photo frames, banners, posters, greeting cards, props, phone covers.. You name it, you got it!


4. Black Gold Background

Rose Gold Free Background

Black is for class + gold is for jazz! Why not add both qualities into your project using a black gold background to create something magnificent! A timeless combination of two timeless colors.. it cannot get better and classier than this! Get your hands on a unique background that makes your project look professional!

What can you do with it?
Add a touch of sophistication to your cocktail dinner napkins, nameplates, photo frames, gift packaging, diary covers, and much more! Start exploring and see where your creativity leads you…

5. Rose Gold Background

Rose Gold Free Background

What has been the trending color of the season last year? It’s rose gold! Right from phones to wallpapers to clothes.. it is everywhere and everyone wants it! Why lag behind everyone else? Get a beautiful classy shade suitable for all your Valentine’s Day gifts…that too for FREE!

What can you do with it?
Covers for your electronics, wallpaper for your phones, laptops, and tablets, and much more!


To Round-Up – 

Backgrounds can push a good design to be a great one! Or dominate your entire canvas such that your content loses its feel. It is very important to choose the right background in the right context. As creators, you know best! We hope that these free backgrounds will be helpful and useful to provide you with the much-needed inspiration to create magic. The main thing to remember is that a Background, although just a base, can make or break your design!

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