7 Cool Backgrounds Every Designer Should Use

Backgrounds are the unspoken heroes of graphic design; they are the hardest-working images in your series, adding depth, interest and nuance to layouts. They can dramatically elevate your design, transmit emotions and stories and add a huge amount of value. As a matter of fact, a carefully selected background has the power to draw social media clicks, convert website sales, or even attract further interest in a webinar event. So, it’s worth not leaving your choice of background as a neglected afterthought.

Whether you are searching for an attractive gold background to give a perfect touch to your flyers and other visual presentation, or a glitter background to add some glitter to your work exhibition, here are 7 awesome backgrounds that you need to know and use for your upcoming projects.

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1. Gold Background

Gold is known as the king of colors and Gold backgrounds can, for that reason, offer a superior and captivating look to the design than anticipated. The gold backgrounds of the old trend came in smudge type and low resolution. However, this gold background brings alive the traditional rich golden aura with its intricate golden patterns embedded on a classy background. Are you looking for a golden background for your flyers or other digital presentation? This elegant collection is perfect for you!

2. Glitter Background

Sparkling objects can catch everyone’s attention in a moment, they astound our eyes, and amaze us with their beauty like a polished diamond. There are so many digital graphic designs that use glitter. Perhaps the most common use of the glitter background is to create typography and glitter text effects. But you can also use glitter to create your brand’s logo and other designs.

3. Ink and Marble Background

It’s pretty intriguing to see modern graphic designers bring ink and marble back. While it’s been around us for centuries, we’re beginning to see it being used in almost every single design area as an inspiring texture from fashion design to print design, interior design, web design, product design and many more.

4. Winter Backgrounds

Winter is a beautiful season. The snowcapped mountains and trees lying on the surface of the ice-covered ground are hypnotic.

Are you working on a winter design project and not feeling too much of the “wonderland” part? White, snowy, scary cold—that’s winter. After looking through the screen for too long, at least that’s how you feel. Don’t be afraid any more. Your winter wonderland can be found again with a little inspiration. Winter has many elements that are visually stunning. With these sets, you should be able to find backgrounds for your projects, whether it is for a web project, greeting cards, or a print ad.

5. Grunge Backgrounds

Grunge background which still give designs a cool, edgy look, will never go out of style. They are a hot favorite with designers. If you need to make any design look retro, vintage or rustic, all you need is a grunge background and voila, it’s done! Check out for textures of peeled paint, fading edges, and gritty color schemes. The Grunge background looks so great as it contains so much detail and visual interest. It is versatile too. Created with a variety of tools, this package has high resolution backgrounds that you’ll definitely want to add to your list

6. Space Backgrounds

At some point in our childhood (or, even, adulthood), we all wanted to be astronauts, but with these space backgrounds, you can still add a touch of celestial wonder to your designs without leaving Earth.
The simplest background may not be scenic space background, but it is surprisingly flexible. It looks wonderful layered behind poster artwork, and when put as a background skin on a homepage, it can help create a more immersive online experience.

This space background has an immediate psychological impact on the viewer—it can inspire feelings of intellectualism and adventure (great for scientific media or business pitch documents), but it can be relaxing and spiritual as well. Its breathtaking elegance requires only basic typography in the foreground in order to make it shine.
Check out this space background and add it to your posters or websites for a sublime space effect.

7. Geometric Backgrounds

Geometric backgrounds are a very common theme in today’s designs and one of the very vivid examples of Geometric artworks. They give your designs the most needed retro and pop-art look— a perfect combination that connects science, art and spirituality. Suffice to say, these backgrounds are all you need to add an attractive, modern look to your upcoming project.

As modern art becomes more and more popular in the Artfield, geometric backgrounds are undoubtedly in a trend. Designers have chosen to begin using them as backgrounds for “hero” headers, section and banner backgrounds, and they are also used for posters and brochure designs in print media.


In every great design layout, backgrounds and textures are the very cornerstones. They add subtle nuance, depth and color while allowing the key elements to shine. Backgrounds have the greatest potential of any aspect of your design, from websites and applications to posters and flyers, if your backgrounds are in need of a reboot, look no further. With this unsurpassed team of textures in your possession, you will be able to take your potential design ventures to the next level in an instant. Grab this collection of 7 awesome backgrounds that will see you through any design project, whatever the theme and whoever the client.

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