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There is a new free tool for designers and developers made by Freepik’s team (remember they also developed by Joaquin Cuenca the free CSS3 free tool CSSMatic), called Flat Icon. In Flat Icon you can find nearly 3,000 free icons you can download as webfont, so you can use them in all your projects, SVG and PNG. All of them are scalable and accessible to each screen reader. In Freepik they are looking for gives you the best performance of the icon whatever device you use.

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The running is really easy, you just have to make a search and find the icon you need. After that, just have to as yourself. What do I want? Webfont, SVG or PNG? In the case you choose PNG, you can also choose the size of the icon you want to download. One of the most remarkable things about Flat Icon is that you can add as many icons as you want as a webfont. The use of webfont makes the web 14% faster than the picture files and ensure proper display on retina display screens and a easiest edition with CSS. In the web they give you a few examples of how it works to integrate the webfont on the code.

Behind Flat Icon is Alejandro Sanchez because as he says “when I’m designing, I hate limits”, so if you apply that to Flat Icon, the result is that you save time and money excluding restrictions.

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