Design Inspiration: Have You Heard of Ditology?

It’s been a while since I came up with something to inspire you guys, so today I thought I’d surprise you with the unique work of the Internet famous Dito Von Tease. The Italian artist also referred to as “il Dito” (the Finger) adapted his nickname after the burlesque icon Dita Von Teese because of her ingenuous disguises. He says that it’s “a funny invitation to people to be curious about the complex mystery of personal identities”.

Dito Obama

Dito Steve Jobs

Dito Avatar

Dito Dalai Lama

Dito Jesus Christ

His digital artworks have been featured in over 40 blogs and online magazines, among which the NY Daily News, Yahoo!, Mashable, the Herald Sun, the Huffington Post and many more, from over 20 countries. It’s about time he hit Romania through Pixel77 and hopefully from here, many other corners of the world.

Dito Mr. T

Dito Mozart

Dito Spock

How did Ditology come to life?

Well, it was back in 2009 when il Dito first created his Facebook account and wanted to add an unusual avatar. And he found inspiration in the perfect metaphoric Italian saying “nascondermi dietro un dito” – which means “hiding behind my finger”. It designates a bad hiding place, while also containing the fingerprint from his own index finger. Il Dito says “the Ditology-project wants to invite everybody to look beyond the ‘masks’ we use in playing our lives and to go deep to find our unique ‘fingerprint’.”

Dito Mao Tze Tung

Dito Gheddafi

Dito Che Guevara

Dito Hitler

Dito Hello Kitty

Dito Ronald McDonald

Dito Frida Kahlo

Dito Shrek

Dito Kayan

Dito Geisha

Dito Kiss

Dito Tattoo

I say we give il Dito a big thumbs up and use it to let him know what we think about his work in the comments section below.

Nice DITOLOGY Love it & Too funny :)
Glad you liked it, Manish:) I also thought it was very funny and in tune with the latest social/political events.
ReeZh Design
Nice, good artist I'd like to play around with my finger, maybe a cartoon character from Angry Birds? lol.
Efrain Cortés
El jaguey Mágico Universal Recuerdos de Sueños del Hombre Caimán.
Clyde Hickman
I love it!
Matteo Bergami
Tarun Goswami
great work
Aj Fruza Aviado
check out the mcdonalds one :D these are awesome :D
Derek Easterby
I enjoyed it.
César Alessandro
jajaja que paja csm.
César Alessandro
jajaja que paja csm.


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