Design Inspiration: 7 Jaw-Dropping Elvis Artworks

In case you’re already not aware of this, starting on the 10th of August, we (well, mostly USA) celebrate Elvis Week 2013.

It has become quite a tradition that each year we dedicate a week to celebrating the king of rock’ n ‘roll, the great Elvis Presley. And why shouldn’t we? In fact, I personally believe that one week is not enough and that there should be a whole month about him.

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Elvis Presley’s music and whole being influenced and keep influencing the world today, and we should thank him for almost all music genres we are enjoying today, for our favorite bands, most beloved tracks and albums; they all exist mostly because of him.

So, yeah, as you can easily tell, I’m a huge Elvis fan. And that’s why I decided to dedicate today’s post.

Below you will find a beautiful showcase of 7 jaw-dropping Elvis artworks to serve you as a more than useful inspiration in your graphic design projects, but also to enjoy as fans (cause I’m sure you are one, too).

Get started!

King Creole, by Andrew Lawandus

7 Jaw-Dropping Elvis Artworks-6

Elvis Presley Pop Art, by ~sireatalot

7 Jaw-Dropping Elvis Artworks-3

Zombie Elvis, by ~Butter-Bot

7 Jaw-Dropping Elvis Artworks-2

Elvis Presley in Vegas Egg Art, by John Lamouranne

7 Jaw-Dropping Elvis Artworks-4

Bose Ad Campaign, by The design llama

7 Jaw-Dropping Elvis Artworks-1

Elvis Made from CDs, by Mirco Pagano and Moreno De Turco

7 Jaw-Dropping Elvis Artworks-7

Elvis Presley – Digital Triangulation, by ElvisTR

7 Jaw-Dropping Elvis Artworks-5

If you know about any other amazing Elvis artworks out there, feel free to let me know in the comments section below.

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