Showcase of Creative and Interesting “About” Pages for Inspiration

Whenever I come across an interesting website I always want to read about the people behind “the scene” so I search and click on the “About” button. I really like to find there some info about the owner of the website, maybe even a small photo (I like to associate names with faces and I find that it gives the experience a more familiar feel), some information about the website, like what is its mission, when it was created, what are their plans and I certainly don’t mind reading some creatively presented statistics – like the number of articles, best articles ever, prizes won and so forth. Besides all that, I always appreciate a creative web design, on home page but also on the other pages of a website, including the “About” page.

Today I would like to share with you a list of websites – some are known and some are less known – which made me say “Wow, this is a nice, interesting About page!”. We all can learn a few things from others, so here it goes, enjoy!


I love the colors, the graphics, the character designs, the fact that they show the world their space and location and I liked the simple story about how they arrived where they are today.

Hugs for Monsters

This is a highly creative website and the “About” page is certainly “out of the box”. It’s not like your regular About page, here you get fantastic graphics, a long story and a short story about Joe Lifrieri and some to the point questions and answers. Thumbs up for Hugs for Monsters!


I love the graphics on their page and I like the playful way they presented the information.


How else would their “About” page be if not with doodles? I like how the information is structured and the doodled type – I’m a sucker for doodles!

Candela Creative Group

I just love the graphics, the colors and the overall look of this website and this About page. Truly creative!


Cool web design, cool graphics, history, info about all the creative minds behind the scene – with photos – a recipe for a great About page – what did you expect, these guys are “abducted by design”!

Coo-Coo Core

A simple and informative About page in the same graphic style as the rest of the website.

Joseph Payton

It’s obvious that Joe is a really creative person. I like the drawings and the way he tells his story.

Adham Dannaway

I think that Adham’s About page is one of the most creative and informative pages I have ever seen. I love the way he presents the facts (and that he uses charts), the clean design and its goofy photo!

Amazee Labs

Amazee’s team seems like a lot of fun from this page, and I bet they are! I love their website and the way they managed to present everyone in the team in a familiar way.

Dawghouse Design Studio

I like the graphics and the colors on this website and on this page. I enjoyed the read because the information is well structured and the fact that it has a “Thank you” paragraph at the end – just like the speech of an award winner and I liked that.


The yellow really stands out, isn’t it? Useful info, charts, graphics, colors, organization, big typo, this page has it all! I like it!


This is such a girlish websites, and the “About” page has three areas, all in pastel colors, About the Girl & Site, Quickbits and Interesting Facts – in all: absolutely delicious to see and read!

Just Creative Design – Jacob Cass

I really enjoyed reading Jacob’s about page because it had a lot of friendly presented information: about who he his, what does he do, his background, his blog and website, his experience, his education, awards, activities and a short bio – there is a lot to know about this fantastic young creative!


Well, what can I say, this guy makes me smile! Just look at the image with the Mac on his head! Joke aside, I love the way Chris writes and I enjoyed reading his “About” page, which is like a story – and he has photos!

UX Booth

I liked this about page because they make you understand what their site is about and they give you useful definitions about it, they present themselves and the people that contribute to their website’s content – I appreciate that.


I don’t know why, but I’m a sucker for dark background websites. This About page has all it needs: graphics, time line, personal and work experience, features, photos – in all, a great page!

Jared Christensen

A pretty simple, yet effective About page – I personally think that the photo brings some extra value to the page and I like the funny approach with the copy (“A little bit more about me. Like anyone cares.”).


This page has some really funny and playful graphics! I think it’s really creative, I like to see the copy organized in blocks and surrounded by awesome graphics.


I added Onextrapixel’s About page to this list because I liked the way they presented themselves, with their philosophy and the creative forces behind the scenes – all the info being structured in easy to read paragraphs.

Vlad Georgescu

Simple and to the point – that’s how I’d describe Vlad’s About page. I love the way he presented the info: a lot of white spaces, cool icons for each idea, short paragraphs and most of all I like the actual reasons he presents so that you hire him – thumbs up!


A very informative About page, with well structured categories and a touch of photos – I like it, it’s a complex About page.

Andrew Reifman

I liked this grayish About page because the information is well structured and you can read it very easy, I’m a sucker for charts, I like to read fun facts about people on their About page, I got to see Andrew in a photo.


The only sight of this incredibly funny chimp makes my day! It’s so funny. I liked this About page because it has a big photo of their mascot, it has useful information, and they don’t bore you with tons of info, instead they’re offering it structured in a couple of links below.


This is a really graphical page – and I just love colors! I like to read time lines on About pages, I like to see how that company evolved over the years.

We started to inspire for our own About page and we came across these wonderful About pages from others. We think that having a great About page can really make a difference within the design community, that’s why we are working on creating a fabulous page for us.

Your turn now.

Do you know any other cool and inspiring About pages? Please share them with us.


Paul Johnson
I have recently scoured for team profile pages for our new website and came across this one…I love the whole concept
Adham Dannaway
Thanks for the mention guys!
Nice selection!!!! :D
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