Top 10 Awesome Photography Freebies You Need To Try!

Photography is an art form and to get it right, you need guidance! These top 10 awesome photography freebies will give you some great tips on taking pictures that look perfect. The featured advice in these cool giveaways is taken straight from the mouths of professionals. So listen and learn. But most importantly take advantage of these great packages while they are on offer!

photography freebies

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1) The Best Landscape Photographers Collective

Landscape photography is exciting, adventurous work. Moreover, with photographers like Eirik Johnson of the New York Times and Alexandre Buisse, a mountain photographer who received critical acclaim, how wouldn’t it be?

To help you on your way, we included this awesome collection in our choice of photography freebies. It gives you some excellent insights from a range of brilliant photographers whose work captures the senses. These professional photographers have learned to produce awe-inspiring images that stand out in a crowd, and now, they are willing to show you how!

The interviews will cover a variety of topics giving you exciting advice on how to make your images come alive! These include tips on how to capture a ‘brooding’ landscape and find beauty in the most common places.

Learn how to capture the exhilaration of a high-speed adventure with Bussie and how to use nature’s elements to your advantage with Andrew Querner. Maybe, you’d prefer to learn how your images can capture an elegant yet deceptively simple landscape with Lain Sarjeant. You take the pick!

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photography freebies

2) PhotoNaturalist’s Free Ebook on Wildflowers Photography

This great freebie has ‘nature lover’ written all over it! With this incredible e-book, you can learn how to take stunning pictures of those gorgeous wildflowers.

Use the 13 tips provided and learn how to take a great picture no matter the occasion! After reading it, you’ll learn how to cope with time constraints, bad lighting, and howling winds. It even takes you through some great ways to fix your photos using Photoshop.

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photography freebies

3) Alister Benn’s Introduction to Night Photography Ideas

Photography is a way to capture beauty at any time of the day. To an artist or even a photography enthusiast, the darkness shouldn’t matter. Some might even say that at night everything comes alive. The stars light up the night sky; the cities are abuzz with activity and the owls come out to play!

Have you ever noticed how everything looks different at night? Well, here’s your chance to find out how you can take advantage of that! Read the book to find out what tools to use and how to use them!

Take advantage of our photography freebies and open up the ‘pandora’s box.’ Take the tips provided and capture the nightlife.

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photography freebies

4) Street Photography Presets by Contrastly

This particular freebie is great for anyone who wants to take a spectacular photo fast! These great presets were specifically designed for photography enthusiasts who want to capture life on the street.

Contrastly’s brilliant Lightroom presets, allow you to include some pretty awesome effects in your picture. This set in the series comes with a range of brilliant looks for you to choose from. The range has a variety of presets from Black and White to Vintage. These include a vibrant warm (after) effect, the cinematic vintage (before) effect and the color street film (before) effect.

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photography freebies

5) Urban Exploration Photography

The Urban Exploration book is another great part of our photography freebies list. You should read this book for tips to unleash your creative side.

The author, Neil Ta, gives budding photographers some brilliant tips on taking photos of mysterious, sometimes creepy, deserted buildings! Photographers aim to find beauty everywhere, and for Niel Ta, abandoned buildings are no exception!

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photography freebies

6) Portrait Guide to Posing Women’s Hands

This guide will give you some much-needed advice on hand positioning. In a portrait, the photographer needs to guide his client. He needs to tell them what the best pose is, the most flattering angle, the best facial expression, and of course how to place their hands!

For an assortment of useful tricks that will help your model look their best, this 14-page book is a must read. These tips and tricks include ways to pose with your hands, the part nonverbal communication plays in photography, and tips on guiding your client!

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photography freebies

7) The Professional Portrait Photographers Collective

Portrait photography is a very interesting art. It’s suggested that a good portrait can reveal the ‘history of the person’s life.’ That’s what makes this freebie so great! It features interviews carried out by ten professional photographers that help you capture a person’s secrets on film.

Read about the series of styles you can use from the professionals! Brian Higbee teaches you to capture creative, eye-catching images. Anna Wolf will also give you some great tips on dealing with clients, and Erik Heck gives you an insight into the amazing art history! Jaime Diamond’s interview is fascinating, with him giving you some practical tips on capturing a portrait!

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8) The Los Angeles Collective

This volume in the photography freebies series gives you tips on ‘living life in the fast lane’! Los Angeles is a wild city, where things go by in a flash. It’s a city of excitement, danger, and wonderful photographic opportunities!

Capturing images in such a diverse city can be difficult, and this set of interviews will help you get through it intact. The interviews feature with high-profile photographers like Tyler Shields, Tom M Johnson and Amanda Friedman on how they capture such striking moments with their camera lens.

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9) An Essential Guide To Learning Flash Portrait Photography

Natural light is amazing. It helps photographers bring out the beauty in their surroundings. But to be an artist you need to experiment and that means using the ‘flash’ on your camera.

This great e-book was written keeping photography enthusiasts in mind. This 78-page guide will introduce you to the art of flash photography, providing you with some valuable insight into your photography equipment. It takes you through techniques to manipulate light to your advantage, how to use all those tricky camera functions effectively and most importantly, how to create a set of unique images that catch people’s attention.

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photography freebies

10) The Street Photographer’s Collective

This last collection in our series of photography freebies features street art. The images portrayed in this collective are energetic, gritty, authentic and awe inspiring.

They are a part of a genre which is perhaps the least binding form of photography. There is no ‘right way,’ no ‘set path.’ It’s all about the moment, and it’s perfect for artists who want a challenge.

This collection includes photos captured by Laura Pannack, an award-winning photographer, Bryan Formhals and the founder of the LPV magazine. It allows you to take in a variety of perspectives for documenting the ‘rough and tumble’ that’s common in real life situations.

Featured artists like Julian Berman and Sotoki Nagata give tips on using your surroundings to your advantage.

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These top 10 awesome photography freebies cover a range of skills that every up and coming artist needs. Their ability to enhance the beauty around them, showing off the glamor in the most insignificant of things is what inspires people. That’s what makes these guides so special. Well-known professionals with years of experience lend a helping hand showing young artists how to capture the best images. They provide tips on lighting, angles, and posture. They show readers how to capture a perfect moment in the lens, how their photography can tell a story.

The ‘Portrait Guide to Posing Women’s Hands’ and The Professional Portrait Photographers Collective’ are just two of the photography freebies that can help you with this skill. Simultaneously, ‘Street Photography Presets’ ensures that you are ready at all times to take great pictures that pass in a ‘blink of an eye.’

‘The Best Landscape Photographers Collective’ allows you to get expert advice from the likes of Andrew Querne, Iain Sarjeant and; incorporating their methods into your technique. Lighting can also play a part in this as shown in ‘Guide To Learning Flash Portrait Photography.’ But artists shouldn’t let a little bit of darkness dissuade them, and that’s where the tips in ‘Alister Benn’s Introduction To Night Photography Ideas’ come in. Get an assortment of expert advice on how to be a nightlife photographer now!

People who love the great outdoors should also give the ‘Free Ebook on Wildflowers Photography’ a try. It allows them to capture the beauty present in nature, seizing the opportunity to memorialize those gorgeous fresh flowers swaying in the morning breeze.While ‘The Los Angeles Collective’ and ‘The Street Photographer’s Collective’ give some great tips on capturing images of wild events, ‘Urban Exploration Photography’ helps you find beauty in the most unexpected of places.

It is said that a picture can tell a thousand words, and it’s the artist’s passion that allows them to capture those images. The ability to show energy, fear, sadness, glory, and happiness in an image is important. All of these freebies are great tools in any artist’s search for the perfect frame. So leave us your opinion about these freebies when you lay your hands on them.

Along with all these freebies  something that’ll help you create magic with your stills are some free photoshop overlays. Check them out now!

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