8 Things I wish I knew About Logo Designing

A logo is a statement of uniqueness and logo designing has emerged as an independent job sector. With growing demands for logos that would be unique and stand out from the others, one really needs to lose reign on creativity. The logo is the company’s element as a commercial brand and besides symbolizing the company, the logo also speaks of trust, and brand value.

There are a lot of facts that is taken under consideration before etching out a logo. Company specifications are always an additional help for the group doing the logo designing. Some major points should be remembered while designing a logo. The eight things that people should keep an eye for while designing a logo are:

1. One that can be memorized easily

Logos are meant to be the most important tool in the marketing of the company. It speaks out volumes about the company in a few words or even with the combination of a few symbols or alphabets. However one must keep in mind the simplicity that should be incorporated with these logos to make it simple for people to identify and remember them. Complex graphics and designs actually deviate our attention and the entire concept of remembering a company with its logo is lost.

2. Add meaning to your logos

One must try and incorporate as much relevance as one can with the company and the logo. Make sure to add a tagline that fits the service the company is aiming to provide or even a description of the qualities that the company would provide in their products can be mentioned. At most times colors can add a sense of trust and elegance that would speak for its company. This is one of the primary reasons why mostly initials from the company’s name are actually put in the logo.

3. The key to a good logo is to make it unique

The biggest blunder one can commit while designing a logo is to copy it from something else. It is like sharing a name with another person, and the sole purpose of the logo is not met.


4. Speculative designing kills the market

There is a scenario in the logo designing industry where a lot of amateur designers are made to draft out a logo for an emerging company. These designers do it for half the pricing and at times even lower and this result in exploitation of the trade. At most times the designer is made to create a draft and then not paid for the project. Therefore one must be very careful with speculative basis.

5. Timelessness

Most logos are designed to represent the company or brand forever. These logos are made to appeal to people from all generation and they become a symbol of trust and association with the brand. They stand the test of time. However some on the other hand are changed in due period of time to suit the contemporary style and adapt to changing trends in the market.

6. Colors

Colors play a very important role in the depiction of these logos. They can bring out the edge in them and can signify a lot of qualities. While most logos use the color blue which stands for trust and dependability, others can range from red that depicts bold style to even mixed tones to highlight the logos.

7. Scalability

One has to keep in mind the usability of these logos. Generally logos form an important part in billboards for the advertisement of the firm and are also featured in contact cards for the employees related to that particular firm. Since the logos will be projected on a variety of screens ranging from very small spaces to large spaces like hoardings and billboards, they should have a adjustable font size. The readability is one of the key factors that sets apart a good logo from the bad ones.

8. Creativity rules the day

With a market brimming with uncountable competitors, carving a niche for itself is a tough job. What helps a company is the logo that can differentiate it from its contemporaries and make a name for itself in the market. With a unique and very creative logo, the stepping stones are set for the company. One should be careful of not going overboard with the ideas and sticking to a particular theme executed with finesse for that perfect logo.

There are many more facts about logo designing and the fact that this art is on the rise leaves scopes for learning new things about it. Creativity is the primary essence that is required in this art but one has to stick to the requirements and specifications given by the company for the designing of the logo. Keep the above mentioned facts in mind and let quality speaks for itself.

And here are 9 rules to designing a logo that I live by. Some are similar to those found here, but most are different. http://www.thegraphicmac.com/9-rules-creating-logo-you-can-live-and-still-get-paid
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8 Things I Wish I Knew About Logo Designing | SHEER design TRAINING
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thank you , it was a perfect post and learned many things about logo design ! im iranian
You are welcome, Elias, we are glad that you enjoyed our article and found it useful ;)
thanks, i found your website address in your linkedin profile, and i sent you an Email to you but i didnot recive any answer yet ..
He wrote a very good. and i like it well!
joeseph boffo
Just wondering how much you pay your writers for this website, after complaining logo artists dont get a fair wage......
Gillian Riley
Gillian Riley
This is the old school. Logos can be more elegant and versatile while still being effective. Imagine a woman wearing a layered outfit in a fancy room... she takes off all her clothes and ends up on a white sheet - every version looks good. A logo does not have to be a nike swish fellas. tend your gardens. http://www.phrizbie-design.com/logo_case_study.html
Gillian Riley
This is the old school. This is BORING, and how many times have we all heard these rules? Why is this the only rule? I just disagree. Logos can be more elegant and lushy and versatile while still being highly effective. Imagine a woman wearing a layered outfit in a fancy room... she takes off all her clothes and ends up on a white sheet - every version looks good. A logo does not have to be a nike swish fellas. tend your gardens. http://www.phrizbie-design.com/logo_case_study.html
You're only confirming what the article says about how a logo should be designed. Your link shows a logo in both color and black and white, it's easy to remember (a pink lotus flower) and it's well structured and it evolves towards simplicity (the use of basic shapes and two distinct fonts).
Alx Alvarez
Totally agree!!
"4. SPECULATIVE DESIGNING KILLS THE MARKET" Why is this included? To be honest this shouldn't really mentioned here, this should be discussed on it's own. It's just really out of place in this article...


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