50 Examples of Incredibly Beautiful Beach Photography

Today I feel like dreaming… Dreaming of the summer, the sun, the waves…THE BEACH. Sit back and imagine with me a white sandy beach, palm trees, cocktails, boats, girls in bikinis. You are sitting in a chaise long with sun glasses on your nose, a fancy three colored cocktail with a little umbrella next to you and the wind easily touching your face…

The beach is an excellent place for relaxation, meditation and for forgetting all of your problems…Check out how beautifully captured are these things in the photographs below:

Do you know any other beautiful beach photos? Please share them with us.




Brian Bordenkircher
Wow, I so wish I was on one of those beaches. Lovely pictures!
I live in Florida. Here are some beach pictures I've taken. http://www.behance.net/gallery/Beachin-It/826421
One of my favorite destination to relax. These are superb locations and the shots are amazing.


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