50 Cute and Colorful Illustrations – Tribute to Children’s Day

If you didn’t know, 1st of June is the International Day of Children – and it’s almost here. This day is celebrated with many outdoor and indoor activities destined for children: fairs, outdoor concerts for kids, creative games and contests in parks, theater plays for kids, free entrance to museums and zoos and much more! All these activities have some things in common: they will most likely include some colorful balloons, toys, cartoons characters, clowns, colorful posters, children books, colorful illustrations and lots of innocent and sincere joy.

Here is a list of 50 colorful illustrations for kids to inspire you in creating a funny illustration, gift card, small notebook, poster, coloring book and many other beautiful things for this occasion.

Cindarella by ToboeYuki

Candy fairy tales for Wrigley Project by Fil Dunsky

The Black Cat Sheriff

The Red Hat

Calendar Cover

Junior at the Farm by Thodoris Tibillis

Juniorland by Thodoris Tibillis

Danonino City by Thodoris Tibillis

Junior’s Fruits by Thodoris Tibillis

The Princess and the Pea by SquidPig

Squeaky Under the Tree by SquidPig

Hansel and Gretel by SquidPig

Lulu at the cake shop by Lillian Gottwald

Whimsical by Bram Lee

Flying Parade by Bram Lee

Children Illustration by pskocan

Kids Illustration 1 by pskocan

Kids Illustration 2 by pskocan

Fast asleep by moonywolf

Ville sans soleil by moonywolf

Illustration sample05 by paulericroca

Roca04 by paulericroca

Children illustration A by j02pa2

The Barber by Aguaplano

The Bremen musicians by Aguaplano

Puss in Boots by Aguaplano

Train by GruberJan

Tian’s gallery by tiantian1008

Carl the Snake by Russ Cox

Little hooligans by 56rjnjd

HelloSmile :) by Fil Dunsky

Red Hood by Marissa Bog

Rabbit Likes Cookies by Marissa Bog

When I was 7 by Rinian

Friends Of The Seven Seas by Mag1cWindow

Young Reader by roweig

Emilia by incas

Wii art cover by incas

Card animals by annadrake

Children’s Illustration by artofdaniel via illustratorer

Winter Wonderland by Bram Lee

Matilda by TonhitoPeru

Selection of Children’s Illustrations by Chelsea Greene Lewyta

Bunny nap by Wolfie-chama

MiSs CupCake by Chpi

Sweet Lolita by Chpi

Obento Picnic by Alissa Staples Illustration

Puss in Boots by yalex

Asiana by sun2197

When I dream of fairytales by libelle

Polar star bear by libelle

Do you know any other cute and colorful illustrations for children? Please share them with us.

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