20 Photoshop Tutorials for Improving Your Digital Painting Skills

Digital painting is a prominent trend which sparks design inspiration and passion in the hearts of design enthusiasts everywhere, due to its closeness to traditional art. The details and realistic appearance are astonishing and they require certain skills which we will adopt/improve today. I’ve hand-picked 20 of the most popular Photoshop¬†tutorials on the subject to help you guys begin (or continue) this artistic journey.

It’s pretty difficult to find tutorials with extensive explanations on digital painting, but the ones featured in this article contain step-by-step pointers and tips, to insure a steady learning curve. If you’re interested in creating art through this medium, this is the place to be. Take a stroll through the basics, plus brush settings, sensitivity levels and much more:

How to Turn Casual Photos into Artistic Watercolor Masterpieces in Photoshop

Making of Transformer – Death Blow

Making of the Photographer

Making of the Rest

Advanced Portrait Tutorial

Spider Harp

Painting a Landscape

Hanagumori Tutorial – Digital Painting

Paint a Sexy Siren

Making of ‘Funfair’

Create an Evil Queen in Photoshop

How to Draw a Portrait in Photoshop

How to Create a Witch Doctor Character Concept in Photoshop

Painting a Faerie Scene

Painting Realistic Hands

Zombie Portrait

Tutorial: How to Paint a Wolf

Photoshop Tutorial: Wonder Woman Pin Up Digital Painting

Feathers and Angel Wings

Liberate Your Colors

Have you stumbled upon any other digital painting tutorials that you think should be part of this showcase?

Hello, good collection specially i love "How to Turn Casual Photos into Artistic Watercolor Masterpieces in Photoshop" but there has a problem to see full tutorial . So do you have any solution to get full tutorial ? Thanks for shearing.
It's a premium tutorial for the registered users. It's a "pay once, get full access" account type, a great deal!
Mishkat Islam
Creative tutorial! Thanks for sharing


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