Web Design Inspiration – 10 Unusual WordPress Themes

Interesting fact: WordPress is one of the most used blogging tool and content management systems in the world. Backing up this statement, Alexa Internet offers us an essential piece of information based on their Top 1 Million Websites classification – almost 15% of them use this powerful tool. Even taking into consideration the fact that it is free and this surely contributes to its popularity, the statistics remain impressive.

With this in mind, we are going to take a look today at the top 10 most unusual and original WordPress themes on the web right now. I hope you’re going to find them useful and also have fun with them!

If you are fond of cartoons and illustrations of various themes, these themes are right up your alley. The first one is actually designed for those who want to kick it up a notch by showcasing their images or videos in Fade Slider. And what reunites all of the themes is that they will definitely give your website a playful and attractive layout.

As to all things in life, there is also a dark side to these cartoons. If you prefer a more dingy, grunge look, these are the themes for you.

If you enjoy using natural elements in your projects, this theme will surely get your web design juices flowing.

For all those cold winter days when all you want is to get cozy and find a way to keep warm, a WordPress theme with a knit sweater effect should do the trick.

Nothing can compare to working in your personal space, where you keep all your neat nick-knacks and have a bunch of things that inspire you when you hit a design dry spot. That’s why you will surely like this theme that looks like your own coffee desk.

If you’re a fan of candy and spice and everything nice, you’ll definitely find this theme inspiring.

For all old school designers or those who just enjoy a retro feel, this vintage radio theme is perfect!

Last but not least, a more professional theme whose main advantage is its multifunctional trait. It has been created to be easy customizable and with a user friendly interface, most appropriate for a magazine, blog or portfolio website.

If you were to create a website tomorrow, one of these themes would surely come in handy. Which one would you use?


Web Design Inspiration – 10 Unusual WordPress Themes | Design News
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Eric John
handful of good choices. Thanks a lot.
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Web Design NJ
Very unique designs! Thanks for sharing them.
Cool Wordpress Themes
Contact me if you would like to ask question for more detail.
minisite graphics
Hello Inspirationmix, Thanks for the above, I need some serious inspiration to prepare my graphic design portfolio! I'm mind blocked for creativity. What is a good book,web site or anything to gain creative inspiration?? Please don't say "look around you" it just doesn't work. I'm starting to feel like everything from the wheel on wards has been created, designed and thought of. Artistically creative ideas are not coming to me. I need to design posters, helpful websites and even create a book cover, however, my minds blocked! I've even found myself unintentionally copying other peoples work and than having to get rid of it, because I realised I got it from some where. Keep up the good work
Web Design Inspiration – 10 Unusual WordPress Theme


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