The Beautiful Art of Watercolor Painting

I always enjoyed taking a look at watercolor paintings galleries from various artists. They make me think of the early days of my childhood, when we had the “drawing” class in school. I loved that hour! I adored my cheap palette of watercolors and the way the colors blended with the paper. Actually, you would be surprised how much there is to know about watercolor painting.

In short, watercolor, or aquarelle (from French) is a painting method and the result artwork in which the paints are made of pigments soluble in water. Watercolors are most often transparent and they allow light to reflect from the surface of the paper, which gives the painting a luminous effect.

Painting by dilka bear

The thing about painting with watercolors is that, you are not allowed to make a mistake. The colors don’t have a coverage power like acrylics for example, so you can’t just add a color on another, to start over, like in the case of painting on canvas – the paper is delicate and can’t stand too much watercolor paint.

But if you love this type of painting, I encourage you to let your imagination run wild, to have the courage to experiment, and to try learning more about watercolor painting techniques.

Here are some beautiful examples of watercolor paintings I’ve come across, I’m sure you’ll love them:

Phantoms of Delight by Liza Corbett

Ink/Watercolor by Jason Graham

Old fishing boat by sunaysenturk

Hermione commission by jFury

Watercolors of Dreams by Vassia Alaykova

Wake Up by Reey Whaar

Watercolor Paintings by Ben Tour

Watercolor Warmup-Split by saintshase

Fairy house, countryside Ukraine by Mariya Vergezova

“G Rated” – Watercolour, Pen and Ink by Darryl Graham

Painting by dilka bear

Watercolor: sleeping dance by muttiy

Watercolor Paintings by Molly Brill

Watercolor painting by Sonya-san

Which one is your favorite watercolor painting?

The Beautiful Art of Watercolor Painting
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These are wonderful examples for my students who are just starting the watercolor unit in the painting class I teach in a public high school. Thank you!
Ali Froghi
nice work
Admassu Alemu
so beautiful...i could see life through water..flowing.
Ilonka Bognár
Very nice
Gowhar Ahmadi
very very good.
very nice paintings I mysel an artist
Derek McCrea
Gorgeous watercolor paintings!


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