Super Mario Maker Inspires New Generation of Gamers

Nintendo’s newest Mario game is unlike any other. Both classic gamers and those new to the franchise will be able to appreciate the creativity behind Super Mario Maker. This new game takes the Mario experience to the next level, allowing players to create and share their side-scrolling stages. If you have ever dreamed of creating your own Mario game or have a child interested in game design, this Wii U game is the perfect investment.

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Unlimited Mario Fun

One of the biggest flaws in previous Mario games was that they only had a set amount of stages. While newer games strived to add additional levels or introduced mechanics to prolong gameplay, they still came to an end. This meant that fans would have to wait for the next game release if they wanted to see something new and exciting.

With Super Mario Maker, players have unlimited combinations and designs to work with. This allows them to play more levels than ever before. Players can find levels created by their friends or wait for special releases from Nintendo. Then, play through each level as much as you like.

While players wait for new levels, they can start developing their own! Experiment with designs and discover new challenges. Enemy blending, for example, is a brand new mechanic that allows you to create new enemies for players to get past. Even classic gamers will appreciate the new challenges they have to face in Super Mario Maker.

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Take Full Control of Your Mario Game

Another thing that sets Super Mario Maker apart is the level of control it gives the player. Most previous Nintendo games that allowed for level creation limited the player with preset options. For example, Super Smash Bros.’ stage creation only allowed the player to move objects and create platforms. They could have a limited number of blocks on each page, which in turn, limited creativity.

Super Mario Maker allows you to take more control over your gameplay. The game even allows players to make levels for multiple Mario styles. Choose from classic Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World and New Super Mario Bros. Wii U themes. This allows you to experiment not only with level mechanics but art styles as well.

Editing the game is instant, so players can edit as they work through each level. By using simple touch controls, players can take full control over their unique level. Once they are done, they can play through it as much as they like or share it.

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Editing in Super Mario Maker

The tools used to make your own Mario levels are very straightforward. Nintendo worked hard to create a game that even young children can understand. Most of the editing takes place using the touchscreen interface and stylus. This allows for precision and eliminates the need to use codes. To modify a blank stage, players just click on what they want and drop it into place.

Most of the trials and errors that game developers would usually face have been eliminated. Pipes, for example, are easily stretched to fit into an area. Bricks and platform pieces can be modified to be larger or smaller with just the tap of a stylus.

This allows more children to become interested in game design early on. They aren’t limited by their lack of hard programming skills nor are they hindered because they don’t know what to do. The straightforwardness allows anyone to learn how to create Mario levels in just a matter of minutes.

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Why Super Mario Maker is the Perfect Anniversary Game

Super Mario Maker was designed to pay homage to a fan-favorite SNES game, Mario Paint. While this game isn’t known to many mainstream Mario fans, the concept is the same. Super Mario Maker modernized the concept and allowed players to take advantage of mechanics found in several favorite Mario games.

Super Mario Maker was released as part of Mario’s 30th-anniversary celebration. It is not only designed to inspire a new generation of Mario fans but allow classic gamers to relive their favorite Mario levels on the Wii U. This is truly one of the best ways to honor one of the most popular game characters in history.

The game isn’t just the perfect anniversary game; it is also an excellent tool to inspire young game designers. Learn more about this exciting game and gain a new appreciation for the Nintendo franchise.

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