Why Does a Professional Logo Design Cost So Much?

It’s no exaggeration that we are surrounded by logos. This is because all the top brands in the world have unique and attractive logos to help them stand out. However, what baffles many people is that professional logo designers can charge thousands of dollars for creating designs that are essentially symbols or just creative fonts. Some of the top branding agencies can even go as far as to charge hundreds of thousands of dollars. You can take Pepsi, for instance, which paid a whopping $1 million for its new logo! This raises a big question- why does a professional logo design cost so much?

Why a Huge Price for a Simple Logo?

To most people, a logo may look simple and small. In fact, many would even think that they can become professional logo designers themselves. However, the reality is that logo designing is an art, and a precious art at that. This is because each logo has a story to tell. Take Nike’s iconic swoosh logo. This logo goes aptly with the tagline- Just do it. It’s a simple logo sure, but the message it creates is far powerful than most logos that exist in the sports and fitness industry.

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You can also take the example of Amazon’s logo. Many people think that the yellow/orange arc below the word amazon is a smile. However, professionals know that it’s actually a curve connecting the “a” of amazon to the “z”. It represents Amazon’s capacity and strength, which is to provide all kinds of products, i.e. form “a to z”.

As you can see this by now, a lot of thought goes into creating the perfect logos for different brands. The experts who have years or even decades of experience are also well-versed in the fundamentals of good logo designs. So, they charge a high price not only because they are good in graphics design, but also because they have a vast experience in a wide range of industries. They can use this experience to aptly meet the design requirements and also give suggestions on how their clients can position their brands better by using a particular color palette or a selection of specific fonts. 

The following points illustrate why a professional logo design cost so much:

  • Graphics designers have to spend hours on research to come up with some of the best designs for a particular assignment.
  • When a graphics designer has collected enough ideas for a logo, they have to push these ideas through a design funnel. For instance, they may start with around 50 logo ideas, and out of these only 10 will be selected for logo concepts. Out of these, around 5 will be created as final concept logos. Finally, only 1 logo will be selected.
  • Designers have to spend a lot of time in understanding the vision of a brand and the kind of design will help it to stand out and attract the target demographic. Since there is usually some pre-existing competition, they have to check that their design isn’t similar to any of the logos that already exist.
  • Professional designers have to test the logo on various products including business cards, billboards, clothing, vehicles, etc. 

Are There Cheaper but Good Options?

Yes, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good logo. In fact, most budding entrepreneurs are short on funds and can’t afford to spend much on branding. In that situation, an online Logo Maker is usually the best option.

What’s a Logo Maker?

You may know about graphics design software like Adobe Photoshop. This product is the most powerful and resourceful which is why graphics designers across the globe use it for various purposes- from building websites to designing logos. However, it’s not easy to use Photoshop, and if you have to create even a simple logo, it can take a long time. A logo maker serves to solve this problem.

A logo maker, as the name suggests, is a software program that’s specifically designed to create logos. It’s usually a web-based application that you can easily use on a mobile or desktop. In the era of artificial intelligence, there are tools available that are powered by AI such as Designhill logo creator, that can create a logo for you just by asking your preference. You can use a logo maker to create high-quality and attractive logos easily and quickly, and that too without any experience with graphic design.

Other Options?

If you don’t want to use a logo maker and strictly want a human touch in your logo design, then you can always take the help of freelancer logo designers. There are many platforms like Freelancer and Upwork where you can find talented professionals located in different corners of the world. You can select your logo designer by going through different profiles and their associated aspects like portfolios, ratings, and past projects.

There are some platforms like Designcrowd and 99designs where logo design contests are organized. You can find your perfect logo on these platforms by hosting a contest of your own. You can set an attractive winning cash prize to attract dozens or even hundreds of professional logo designers towards your contest. As they will participate and create their best logos to win the prize, you can have a good selection of attractive logos to choose from.


Quality, whether we talk about clothing or some creative work, never comes cheap. If you want the best logo for your brand, then you must be prepared to shell out a good amount of money. Professional logo designers are trained to paint clear pictures for brands through minimalistic yet stunning logos. So, their high rates are usually worth it. 

If you are on a tight budget, there is no harm in choosing the remaining options viz. freelancers and logo makers. This is because all these options are always better than designing a logo on your own without any help. If you do have some background in graphics design and branding, then it’s a different story. But if you don’t have any background, then you must take help from someone who has some experience, or use a logo maker instead as it’s designed to make logo designing easier for those who don’t have the required knowledge.

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