Photoshop Tutorials Roundup – May 2012

The time has come for us to relish May’s 10 most appreciated Photoshop tutorials. I tried to keep things diversified, in order to catch your attention with at least one of these fresh design resources. Let’s see if I’ve succeeded by learning how to create a dark textured portfolio template, an iOS fabric style icon, a delicious chocolate volcano using 3D effects, a highly detailed steampunk insect, a cool “text dropped in water” typography effect, a dark vintage style motorcycle poster, becoming acquainted with the new oil paint filter in Photoshop CS6 and much more!

Design a Dark Textured Portfolio Template in Photoshop (free PSD)

Introduction to the New Oil Paint Filter in Photoshop CS6

Learn How to Create an iOS Fabric Style Icon

Create a Chocolate Volcano Using 3D Effects

How to Draw a Leica Camera in Photoshop

 Design an iPhone Icon for Notes Application in Photoshop

Creating a Highly Detailed Steampunk Insect

Scrabble Tiles Text Effect

Design a “Texts Drop in Water” Typography Effect in Photoshop

Create a Dark Vintage Style Motorcycle Poster Design

Have you found other great Photoshop tutorials on the web during the past month?

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