Peter Jaworowski

Art from Poland this week. Awesome!

Peter Jaworowski is an established freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Warsaw, Poland at the Ars Thanea Studio. He is a design director. Debut Art represents Jaworowski worldwide, and Mushroom in Spain.

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One big thing i like about Jaworoski is that he never compromises quality. Not for timeline, or anything else. As he explains it, “every time I receive an inquiry about a new project, I ask myself if there’s any way to make it very nice in the stated time table. If the answer is negative, I don’t take it. Usually I try not to run more than two projects at once, but sometimes when some old ones are still in the workshop, the situation gets more complicated. [In such cases] I set a priority for the projects. The only tip I can give: ‘ less is more’.”

Here are some of his truly inspiring artwork:


Don’t play

A collaboration effort between Krzysztof Domaradzki / Kxx and Peter Jaworowski


Wrigley’s – 5
A Crisp Tropical.
1 of 3 images created for Tiempo BBDO and their client Wrigley’s.


Discovery Channel – Deadliest Catch
Global Key Visual created for Discovery Channel and one of their top shows Deadliest Catch.


Playstation 3 – This is Living
Image created for Playstation 3 campaign – ‘This is Living’ (UK). Not used in the final show.


Bacardi – The Original Mojito is a new project for XRS/Bacardi – Martini Poland by Ars Thanea

“With every new project, i’m trying to develop my skills more…my dream is to leave even a little bit of a path behind me… And, of course, like any other designer, I would like to be remembered as a guy who pushed design boundaries…” Jaworowski goes on to thank his mentors like Bartlomiej Rozbicki and various designers from the North Kingdom, all of whom serve as a driving inspiration.




The FWA – New Day


Nokia L’Amour


Image created for exclusive artwork exhibition on MadInSpain 2008 conference.


Fast type treatment done for Leo Burnett Warsaw on behalf of Orange.

Peter Jaworowski is, without a doubt, a big and important graphic-artist of our time. You can check out his works in his gallery, on behance network.

You can also check out his work offline too : Computer Arts, idN and Advanced Photoshop. Peter also writes for Reform & Revolution and Cpluv.


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