15+ Out of the Ordinary Bike Designs

If you are living in a big city you are probably annoyed by the terrible traffic. How about instead of driving your way to work, you choose the bike for a change. If every one of us did that at least once a week, the city would probably be a little more free. Moreover, you can get a cool bike to do that with. Check out this awesome collection of unusual bikes for some really fancy riding.

Bike design by Marina Gatellli.

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Frog inspired bike design.


Versabike – design by Nathan Durflinger.

Folding Bike design by CUBE BIKE.

Kyle Watson bicyle design.

Chris Boardman’s Bike Design.

“Forkless – Cruiser” by Olli Erkkila.

Bike Design by Ciprian Frunzeanu.

ROBRADY Design by Electric Folding Bike.

Madsen Cycle.

Svepa Bike Design by Par Blanking.

Futuristic Hubless Bicycle Design by John Villarreal.

Polygon Concept Bike.

Grasshopper Bike design by David Goncalves.

E+ Cruiser by Electric Motion Systems.

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