Top 5 Things You Need To Master In Graphic Design

Here’s the brutal truth:

Graphic design is more than just the beautiful images.

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There are plenty of other facets of graphic design today that can be a bit difficult to master. And while you could probably ask around among the designers’ circle for some tips of trade, trade secrets are just that – secrets! Which designers try to keep as secret as they possibly can.

Well, they won’t be getting any help from us. We know that it can be difficult to prioritize the elements of graphic design that are absolutely important when everything seems equally as important and that’s why we are going to help you out. In this guide, you’ll learn 5 top things that you need to master to become a master in the game. And the best part? They are all easy to do things that you already know.

If you want in on our trade secrets, continue reading on!


Photoshop is one of the most important features of graphic design. Now I know that that’s a pretty big claim to make but it makes perfect sense especially because visual content creates a connection between you and your audience. Not to mention it is the currency of sharing on social media. And it’s not just limited to social networks. Visual content generally gets 94% more views than content without.

If you’re in it for the long haul, then I’d definitely recommend mastering all the aspects of photoshop. And also familiarizing yourself with photoshop elements such as Lightroom presets and Photoshop overlays. Plus, you’ll agree we are living in the age of visual culture. And with photos becoming the universal language, we might as well embrace it.


Almost one-third of the graphic design jobs you’ll find will require you to at the very least know the basics of HTML. It might not be so much about creating a website from scratch but you might need to make minor fixes online which could be huge especially if you are trying to stand out amidst the hundreds of graphic designers looking for the same job.

UI Design

The phrase “it’s never too late to make a good impression” does not count if what you need to do is make a good first impression. That is why UI design is becoming so important in the world of graphic design.

Although UI design might not rank high among the popular graphic design skills, it’s still something that you definitely want to have mastered well before going into the job market. Master all the little things including the various trends such as typography, a seamless interface, custom illustrations, gradient transitions and WebGL.

Web Design

There’s a common misconception that web designers have to automatically be graphic designers. And it’s not entirely uncommon for web designers to also be graphic designers. Let’s put it this way though. Web design has entirely different dynamics but when combined with graphic design skills it can be a force to be reckoned with.

Not to mention it will give you a better edge if you’re competing for opportunities as opposed to just having one skill. And seeing as web design, like graphic design seems to be growing and gaining more traction in the job market, it is definitely something that you want to have mastered well.

Logo Design

Think about it! You’re only able to identify a company by looking at its logo. And most of the time, you’ll often associate a certain logo to a particular company.

The truth is, the importance of a logo cannot be underestimated. They are simple symbols that would otherwise mean nothing but they are definitely a succinct and efficient way of communicating more about the company.

Consequently, the designing of these logos is also equally as important. And I can bet you your bottom dollar that logo design is something that you’ll be doing a lot whether you are a freelance graphic designer or working for a company. And so it’s definitely something that you want to master in great detail. From how to make it distinct and recognizable to the details and elements you need to include as well as the appropriate visuals and imagery that will communicate the idea.

Wrapping It Up

The art of graphic design is hardly rocket science. Sure, it may have a myriad of different things that you need to be acquainted with but once you master the top 5 things we have mentioned in this guide, you should be just fine.

And quite frankly, with way too many designers in graphic design today that think it’s enough to come up with great pictures when called to task, you need to find a way to stay ahead while you can. And seeing as beautiful images no longer belong exclusively to graphic designers, it is important to master a few more skills that will make you useful. So master your photoshop prowess, get acquainted with HTML and UI design and have your web design and logo design tactics at your fingertips.

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