What Makes Your Graphic Designs Incredibly Attractive?


Graphics designing is the art of communication using visual means. It involves the use of text and images to convey a message. It is a complex art. And for something great and memorable to be created, it requires the combination of several things. This includes creativity and good planning. An art with no direction, no plan in mind will be nothing but a piece of rubbish.

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Even with the fact that graphics designing is complex; certain rules exist to which one must adhere. This is so as to create art that is wonderful. Art that will make an impression and get the message across to your intended audience.

Attractive design is one that communicates a message. At the same time, it is visually appealing.

The fact that you are reading this says a lot. It tells that you are definitely interested in becoming a better graphic designer. And in this post, you will learn some things you need to pay attention to in order to make attractive designs.

Color: an attractive design is one with the right colors in the right combinations. One thing most people do not realize is the fact that colors affect emotions. That is to say that the type of color you use in your design will determine the feeling people will attach to it. This simply means that for your design to communicate what you want it to, you have to use the right colors.

For a design to be attractive, using color for color’s sake should be avoided. Each color that is used should be geared towards a specific reaction. For instance, if the message your design is expected to communicate is that of joy and cheer. You should use a color that is bright and cheery such as yellow and not one that is dark and gloomy. Attractive design makes use of color in a purposeful manner.
Color - Graphic designs

Apart from helping dictate the emotion and tone of your design, color in conjunction with proximity help organize your design and direct the eyes on where to go. This further enhances how attractive your design is.
Google, the giant internet company reportedly tested about 40 different shades of blue to test which is the best for their logo.

The following are examples of color used by big brands to underscore its importance:
Red is a color that is said to stimulate hunger. It is also the color associated with love and passion. This is the reason why it is used by many fast foods such as McDonalds and CocaCola.

Blue is a color that represents cleanliness and health. This is the reason why it is used by companies in the health sector. An example is Pfizer.

The color orange stimulates excitement and evokes the feeling of fun. And companies centered around these use it in their designs. An example is “The Home Depot”.

The color black evokes confidence, stability, elegance, and sophistication. This is the reason why it is heavily used by fashion brands such as Chanel.

All the aforementioned brands used the right color in their designs all of which are considered attractive. This underscores the place of color in graphics designing.

Font: yet another thing that constitutes attractive graphic designing is the font. Just like color, the type of font used in a particular design communicates what it is about. The type of font you use in your design will project an image which you have to ensure is the right one. For example, a cursive font will project an image that will be considered inappropriate for a professional design.

Fonts influence and determine how readers will feel about a certain design. This is why it is important that a lot of thought is given to the type of font you will use.

The following are tips on how to choose the perfect font for your design;

Think about the message you are trying to communicate with your design. What is the mood? Casual, professional, comical, elegant? The font you choose should match the mood and your intended message.

What constitutes your audience and in which context will it be used? A font for a business card design will need to be readable at a small font size. If what you are designing is meant for a device, will the font be readable on a screen? Who are those the design is meant for? These questions matter in choosing the right font for an attractive design.

Is the font versatile? The right font is one that is versatile. This means you can use it in different ways in design.
These are the questions you should ask in order to choose the right font for your design.

Simplicity: an attractive design is one that is minimalistic in nature. That is to say, you communicate your message in the simplest way possible. An attractive design does not use too many colors. It also uses a select number of fonts that are themselves simple and for the purpose of effective communication. If you are looking to create a design that appeals to your audience, be minimal. Attempt to communicate your message in the simplest way possible. In order words, eliminate the fuzz in your graphics designing.

Look at Apple, they take a minimalist approach to design. Yet, they feature one of the most elegant and attractive designs the world over. Ranking of the best logos the world over will have the Apple logo in the top 3. The same goes for CocaCola, McDonald’s, Pepsi and many of the world’s top brands. These companies use minimalistic designs which still manages to remain attractive.

Proximity: another element of an attractive design is proximity. This refers to how close or far apart objects in your design are. Proximity is used to create order in a design which usually translates to attractiveness. Keep similar objects close to each other in your design. This allows them to be easily picked out by your audience which, in effect, makes it attractive.

In order words, use proximity to group items and similar pieces of information.

Experience and Experimentation: in order to make attractive designs, there is a need for experience. Experience is an attribute that can best be gotten through experimentation. Examine the designs you consider attractive and pick out those elements you feel make them so. Then, make use of these in creating your own designs. When you do this constantly, you will develop an intuition that will help you in creating incredibly attractive designs.ExperimentationThe above is a guide meant for those who want to improve their graphic designing skills. If implemented, you are sure to start creating attractive designs in no time.


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  1. John Mar 6, 2019 at 03:29

    Graphic designing need a combination of both creativity and also a skill. Creativity comes from God but skill comes from practice so practice is the most important to be a pro in graphic designing.

  2. Lisa Oct 6, 2019 at 08:03

    Thank you for sharing the informative article..


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