Natural Ways to Boost Your Creativity and Brain Power

We are all aware of how a healthy balanced diet can improve our general health and fitness. However research now indicates that there are a number of super foods which can boost your brain power and raise your creativity levels.

We have all experienced that mid-afternoon lull in thought processes and lack of good ideas which results from indulging in a rich lunch heavy with carbs, but many refuse to consider the reasoning behind it. However, the studies have shown that seriously considering the foods you eat can have a significant effect on your creativity and brain power.

There are more obvious foods which should be avoided. These include foods which make you feel mentally and physically sluggish such as fatty heavy foods and sugary snack which although provide an initial sugar high can cause fatigue which accompanies the resulting drop in blood sugar. However, you can liven up your diet with a number of foods which can boost brain power, these include:



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These juicy fruits contain a number of vitamins and antioxidants which can mop up any free radicals and protect the neurons in the brain from damage. This will not only reverse certain age related conditions but can improve mental functions and help you boost your creativity. The most effective of these is blueberries;

However any berry including the tomato can provide great brain boosting effects. Don’t be tempted by baked goods containing berries, these are usually sugar rich and lacking any real berry content, try to stick to fresh berries, smoothies or juices.

Dark Chocolate


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Chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa mass solids not only contains a great level of antioxidants, but recent research has found it can be beneficial with cognitive impairment. The studies were focused on relieving mild cognitive impairment which can affect older people. It found that the short term and long term memory and other aspects of brain function were the most improved in the test groups consuming greater amounts of cocoa.

So, if you are looking for a mid-afternoon boost why not enjoy some dark chocolate with a glass of milk to allow proper absorption of all the vitamins and goodness. However, you must look for a good quality chocolate with high cocoa content, white and many milk chocolate varieties contain very little cocoa but plenty of sugar which will leave you feeling low.



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Nuts are a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. They contain vitamin E which has been shown to prevent decline in cognitive functions and certain nuts such as almonds or walnuts contain omega 3 oils which not only boost the health of your heart but are filled with neurotransmitters which natural boost your mood. A snack of a variety of nuts can boost mental clarity, reduce insomnia, improve memory and assist your brain power to provide a creative boost.

Oily Fish


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These types of fish include wild salmon, mackerel, trout, herrings and sardines. Fish has always been referred to as a brain food. This is because oily fish contains the most effective forms of Omega 3 fatty acids; DHA and EPA. These promote good brain function and can provide a number of health benefits for the joints, heart and general well-being. DHA has been shown to be essential in the building of connections in the brain and neurons. According to Elizabeth Somer M.A, R.D “DHA cannot be produced by the body” this makes it is essential to locate sources in the diet such as oily fish.



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Eggs make a perfect breakfast food since they are an excellent source of protein which can improve overall cognitive function. However the yolks also contain choline, which has been proven to improve memory function. Consuming eggs for breakfast will not only provide you with an energy boost but your brain will be set for a day of creativity. However, since eggs yolks do contain high levels of fats, you should also limit their consumption to avoid an increased risk of heart attack or stroke.



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We’ve all experience the need for a little caffeine jolt to get us back to working. Caffeine can help is focus, which is essential when you are working through your creative process. Even one cup of coffee a day can boost your brain power and help you to stay mentally sharp throughout the day. Research has even shown that a cup of coffee a day can have a beneficial effect against the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.



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These green fruits used to have a bad reputation for being too high in fat, but now we know that the avocado is full of good fats which can be beneficial to the body, helping to reduce cholesterol and can improve blood flow around the body, including the brain. Avocados also contain a number of nutrients and vitamins which will give your brain power a boost. This includes folate which can improve the health of the brain and memory performance levels.



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Your mother was right and you need to eat your broccoli to boost your brain power. Broccoli contains a whole range of nutrients including Vitamin K which has been shown to increase cognitive functions and boost brain power. However, you should watch where your broccoli was grown. Research has shown that certain areas around the world have bad pollution problems which allow toxins to be absorbed into the fruits and vegetables grown there. Ideally look for organic locally grown broccoli, you may even find the fresher taste more palatable.



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Another of Mom’s old favorites. Spinach is filled with iron and a number of other vitamins, minerals and nutrients which not only boost brain power, but have huge cancer fighting capabilities. It’s easy to prepare, simply steam it for a few minutes, but don’t be tempted to cover it with rich sauces. Sauces which are high in fat will negate some of the positive benefits of spinach and reduce the immediate boost you feel to your brain power and creativity.

The foods we eat not only affect our ability to maintain our weight and general health but can affect our creativity and work performance. Introducing some brain boosting super foods into your diet will not only help your health but provide a jolt in brain function and greater creativity.

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