Designing Websites for Children – Playful Showcase

When designing for a different target, like children, you have to keep in mind that, even though they are under aged, they do have preferences and they are very picky.

As general rules in creating a web design for kids, take a look at the tips below:

1. Use bright, vivid colors. Kids love them and they will capture their attention for a long period of time.

2. Happy mood. Kids will definitely come back to a website if they had a happy experience with that website.

3. Nature elements. Use in the website design nature elements that the kids can rely to. Use trees, leaves, water, snow, animals.

4. Animated characters. Kids just love animated characters! Large, animated and speaking characters can grab and hold a kids attention for a while.

5. Create in depth design. Kids have a great imagination! Create a website design where his imagination can run wild by using depth in design elements (such as landscapes, shapes, shiny gradients, floating objects).

6. Intuitive call to action buttons. Create a simple area/focus point for the kid to easily see and click.

7. Interaction. Kids don’t really like to read, they like to play. So include interactive elements in your website.

Here are some examples of website designs for kids:

Club Penguin


PBS Kids

Disney Princess

Thomas and Friends




Sesame Street

Play Doh

Fifi and the Flowertots

Pop Cap Games



Rainbow Magic

Winnie the Pooh – Disney


Cartoon Network


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Printing Boy
The most important thing when designing for small children (i have them two) is to put interactive elements on site i think and also to play with strong and vivid solors.


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