10 Brilliant Christmas Ideas for Social Media Campaigns

Christmas has always kicked off a frenzy of celebratory activities as people go all out in making it the most memorable event of the year. With less than a week for all the parties, celebrations, and Christmas itself, the timing for Christmas gifts is simply perfect for corporates. Big companies can work out a campaign for the Christmas season to let people know about their services and products to supplement their end of year goals.

Some of the most favorite gifts for everyone are the most costly ones on sale during Christmas. This is the season for buying big TVs, laptops, smartphones, and the most expensive ones are cars and bikes. There are many free gifts and offers from corporates with the purchase of so many products. These offers can be advertised with little creative thinking behind the campaigns.

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If a brand wishes to highlight its services in reducing carbon footprints and goes on to create a Facebook page and a Twitter page and a Snapchat account highlighting windmills and solar panels, a simple video of a happy Christmas with family and dear ones can turn out to be the biggest corporate social media campaign. Facebook page, images and banner can be used for the videos to appeal to the middle-class and reflect the corporate vision and objective in the services it offers.

Some of the top 10 ideas include:

Idea #1: Use Instagram

“What is it good for? Absolutely nothing.”

(Ahhh…the memories)

Back before Instagram became the platform that it is today, Facebook went through a period where its popularity was challenged. As a response, the company created a separate social media platform for photos and images. Since then, Instagram has become its social network giant.

However, for social media marketers looking to take advantage of Instagram, there still remains a question about what they should do. Do you create a company profile? Should you have a company hashtag? How do you best utilize the platform?

As we approach Christmas, there is another question that should be asked as well. If companies are selling on Instagram, should you be selling on it as well? Is Instagram useful and beneficial for offering Christmas deals?

Yes, please!

Christmas is the perfect time of year to get into an already crowded market with small businesses selling to the same audience you are trying to sell to. By using a few simple techniques, you will have those small businesses thanking you for your Christmas present.

How can this be done? Let us look into some ideas.

First, Instagram could be a wonderful way for your organization to connect with others. On your advertising, you could provide a discount code that people can enter if they are interested in your product. By doing this, you will gain some followers and start a holiday of goodwill.

For example, imagine you are selling Christmas trees, snow overlays, etc. You could offer a 10% discount for people who enter the code #christmastree during checkout. It is a perfect way to build a bridge to other businesses by creating a connection for them to take advantage of.

Once you sign up with Instagram, you can set the audience to your geographic region and create a profile. You can then use hashtags to create a campaign specifically for Christmas. The hashtag could then be used in advertising to get more people to Instagram. Also, it could generate so you get more reach value for your campaigns.

For example, you could set the hashtag #christmascampaign for your Christmas campaign. Then you could increase your reach by using the hashtag #followme for users who enter the campaign to win a prize. The two hashtags together could lead to a viral situation where a campaign can get a lot of attention from people wondering what is so special about the hashtag.

Another idea would be to use a hashtag that is exclusive to your organization. By doing this, you will be able to get in front of the audience; however, it is easier if you are already established on the platform.

Idea #2: Use Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the biggest platforms among marketers. Some marketers even claim that Pinterest is the place to be.

The reason for the appeal of Pinterest is that it is not associated with a competition. There is just one, so there is no competition, in other words.

Plus, there are more niches on Pinterest than any other platform. For example, there are 49. 5 million pages of marketing niches on Pinterest.

As Christmas approaches, a group of companies could set up a marketing initiative to take advantage of the service.

For example, if your company is involved in modeling or fashion, Pinterest might be the perfect place for you to set up a marketing campaign.

You can create galleries of your work by creating a page, and then you can include your marketing campaign to get more followers. Furthermore, you can offer an incentive for people who follow the page and engage with your photos and click through your website.

Idea #3: Use Snapchat

The format of social media used by Snapchat is unique, so it is in its own category of social media. Snapchat is a very popular platform, but oftentimes, people wonder what the point of Snapchat is.

It is simple, and the point is to use the platform to create social media promos to get people to follow along.

Instagram and Pinterest are features that were intended to be used for setting up promotions that get people to do things. The more followers and likes, the more people will be interested in your promotion. This is the main point of Instagram and Pinterest, but Snapchat can do the same thing.

For example, a group of companies could try to get followers by using Snapchat to give them a free prize in return for following the spotlight on the account.

The biggest crime is that many accounts are not in the same geographical region. Therefore, you should create a campaign so that all of your followers have to like your post to be eligible to win the giveaway.

All you have to do is get everyone to follow you; then every person will have a chance to participate in the drawing for a gift.

It is bound to get your product and organization in front of a new audience with this very creative marketing idea.

Do not panic if you get buried under all of your followers. With just 77 followers on Snapchat, you can get a lot of attention.

For example, you can set up a campaign that is about marketing gifts that people might not know about. It is almost as exciting as a Christmas prize.

Idea #4: Run a Crowdfunding Campaign about Christmas Gifts

Crowdfunding is growing in popularity, and it is now widely recognized as one of the best platforms for launching inspiring and creative products to the market.

You could create an account on IndieGoGo, which is a crowdfunding site, and use the platform to run a campaign to get funding.

For example, you could create a campaign with a tagline of “26 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas”. The true point is not to get the funds for the campaign itself but to spread the word about your business and gain exposure.

Idea #5: Use Hashtags to Create a Campaign

With a hashtag, you can use and create a selective campaign for Christmas. Hashtags usually include words or a phrase that is followed by the network.

Many social media experts state that it is important to create a hashtag for your service. By doing this, you can draw attention to your brand and get more followers.

For example, you can create a hashtag about Christmas and do online promotions for free products or services at a holiday-themed hashtag.

Idea #6: Initiate a Group in a Group by Posting Related Ads

Remember that you can share any content in a group on Facebook. Therefore, you can post more ads related to Christmas. In this way, you can put your message in front of a much-targeted audience.

You can choose to share a post on a group with the same point as the group.

For example, you can share an artist with the same tone as the group on Facebook.

Idea #7: Use Twitter to Make a Christmas Contest

Twitter is not relevant to most people, but it is often one of the best ways to set up a popular contest.

For example, you can set up a contest with giveaway prizes. Your promotion should work for a specific period– either for a week or a month– during the Christmas season.

You can use Twitter to promote your contest. If you are new to Twitter, you might find it difficult to promote the contest targets, but some people can help you.

There are many other ways to promote your contest. To get started with social media contests, you should contact companies for more information. There are also tools you can utilize to set up a contest.

With this social media resource, you can run an interactive contest and get more people to follow you and keep up with you.

If you are looking to promote your business or organization, you can do so more effectively with the right social media campaign. You can create different strategies for different things that you want to sell.

To get started, you can contact some companies to find out more about your specific industry. You will also find that creating a successful campaign for Christmas requires more than just a thought of what to do; and it also requires a well thought out strategy.

Idea #9: Create a Facebook Group for Christmas Ideas

In another group, you can share fun Christmas ideas and give your followers the opportunity to learn more about creative Christmas ideas.

In a group, you can share and add Christmas ideas to the group.

For example, if you want to make a cartoon book with handmade pages, you can share your project in a group that is specifically about Christmas.

Idea #10: Use a Branding Profile to Promote Christmas Products

For example, you can design a box with a label that covers the majority of the space.

If the box is on the market as your company’s promotion, you should put your hashtag on it. You can also buy a present for the mother of the May Queen on a Reebox for both of you and take a picture to advertise your gift on the group next Christmas.

Since you love this idea, you can share it with your spouse. One of the main benefits of using Reebox is that many of the boxes have a place to label them.

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