5 Simple Things To Keep You Productive When Working From Home

Procrastination tends to be a horrifying mistress. Sometimes, it can do wonders for your creativity and your mood, but most of the time it just sucks the productivity out of your marrow. Don’t worry, we all have to face her sometimes, and we have the solution to your problem.

No more long days just staring at gifs on the internet. Forget that Buzzfeed article with cute kitten pictures – it’s time for work. We had a brainstorming session and figured it out. We found 5 simple things productive people do when working from home. Want to get out of Procrastinations’ clutches? Just scroll down below and be amazed!

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1. Find Your Routine

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Finding your routine is quintessential to being efficient while working at home. If you don’t discipline yourself into being productive, you will lose the whole day doing nothing, and worrying that you’re doing nothing at the same time. Back in my senior year of college, I was also working as a freelancer from home. It suited me perfectly – I was able to attend my classes, and also earn some money. Besides the experience I gained, it helped me realize what the working world is all about.

It was hard at first because of all the distractions around me. The bed behind me was oh so inviting, the scenery in the campus was telling me to go outside and socialize with people and of course, the internet was trying to seduce me with nonsense and puppy videos. I had to establish a routine. I had to discipline myself into doing work. Try a reward system based on what you accomplish, or what you try to achieve.

Create some vectors – get a 10-minute break and just stretch around. Work 2 hours – achievement unlocked, you get to eat an awesome grilled cheese sandwich. Finished 50% of your current project? Well, you deserve to watch the latest episode of  “Vikings”. Routine helps, people!

2. Set Goals

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Set your goals for the day. You wake up; you take a shower and brush your teeth – all along thinking why you didn’t stay longer in that dream you had. Get a bite to eat, leftovers are great or try to cook something. Go on a break from all the effort you put into freshening up after getting up. Watch a movie since you just heard that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice came out, and is premiering in a cinema near you.

Wasting the day without setting your goals from the minute you wake up is always the same. You’ll say “ Oh, tomorrow is another fine day, I will surely get out of the fuzzy haze, and work until the sun sets”. But you’ll go on a vicious cycle which will ruin your work.

Set goals from the minute you wake up, don’t think of how pleasant it was in dream land, think about what do you want to accomplish that day. It does wonders not only for your work projects but also for your mood.

3. Create a Workspace


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Organize your workspace according to your needs. I’m not saying get rid of everything on your desk or create a boring place in which to work. I’m just saying you should organize your workspace so you can get productive, and in an efficient mindset. I, for example, have a ukulele right beside my monitor that urges me to finish my work so I can play a little song before I take another task upon myself. At my left, there’s a book filled with aphorisms and things that make you think of the whole wide world

The cherry on the top has to be my Kendama. A Japanese toy  – which consists of a ken (sword) and tama (ball) connected by a string. The ken has three cups and a spike which fits into a hole in the ball. Basic kendama tricks consist of catching the ball in the cups and on the spike. A huge variety of kendama tricks can be performed by juggling the ball between the cups, balancing it in various positions on the ken, balancing the ken on the ball and juggling the kendama. Kendama bears similarities to the classic Bilboquet and the Hispanic toy known as boliche or balero.

The principle of these toys are the same: catching one object with another, where a string joins both. However, the modern kendama style takes influences from a diverse range of skills including yo-yo, diabolo, juggling and dance. This helps me relieve stress, and makes me more efficient.

4. Don’t Forget to Take Breaks


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Taking breaks is crucial for your well-being, and makes you more efficient. But you need to be extra careful not to take a day-long break and leave work behind.

5. Keep it professional



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Treat your home office like it’s your business. I highly recommend you dress like you were going to an office downtown. Wear a suit, tie, get all classy and professional and induce yourself the idea of acting at the utmost level of professionalism.

Alain de Botton talking about “ The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work.”, said it best:

“He was a volatile mixture of confidence and vulnerability. He could deliver extended monologs on professional matters, then promptly stop in his tracks to peer inquisitively into his guest’s eyes for signs of boredom or mockery, being intelligent enough to be unable fully to believe in his own claims to significance. He might, in a past life, have been a particularly canny and sharp-tongued royal advisor.”

I hope this list of 5 simple things productive people do when working from home will surely help you with your current projects. If you have anything to add, please do so by posting in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you!

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  1. Ifraeem Suleman Mar 25, 2016 at 21:54

    All the thing you mentioned not to do, I actually do a lot. I think reward method will work for me.

    Thanks or the article.

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    Has clearly describe about productive people.
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