10 Amazing Photos Taken at Rock Concerts

“A camera is a save button for the mind’s eye.” ~ Roger Kingston

Do you own a camera? Do you like going to rock concerts? Well, I do. And every time I go to one, I end up drenched in sweat, my whole body aching. Nevertheless, I enjoy every bit of it and I always keep itching for more. Sometimes, I even get good pictures taken from my camera phone, or even an autograph as a souvenir!

When among the almost uncontrollable audience of a rock show, you find that there is more to just standing up and watching in awe as your favorite bands play their hit songs for you. And, of course, what better way to preserve it than to take a picture? Although it is way easier said than done (considering you are in the middle of waves of fellow fans and concert fanatics constantly moving to the sound of the performers, and sometimes ending up, if you are really unlucky, in the middle of the more than occasional mosh pit), but with a bit of luck, strong legs and steady aim (or a high-end, heavy-duty camera) you might end up immortalizing the memory with a great shot.

And now for the fun part. Let’s take a look at a collection of 10 amazing photos taken at rock concerts by people who are among the audience!

1. This picture shows Chino Moreno singing (or screaming, I suppose) on a high platform as Deftones performs on stage. His usual long socks and black clothes are accentuated with the red/orange ambient light, plus the emotion as he works the microphone to give out an overall “dramatic noise” feel to it.

Chino Moreno of Deftones

2. The crowd put their horns up while they watch Angus Young perform his solo. What would you expect from any AC/DC concert? Epic rock star attitude.

Angus Young – ACDC

3. The timing is just right as the photographer who took this shot pressed the capture button. The bright spotlights coming from the background added a silhouette-like effect, making the head-bang more epic.

Head banging against the light

4. With a fiery stage, confetti raining everywhere, and the people raising their arms as everybody listens to the performing band, I was filled with envy, wishing I was with them at that time. Oh, look, a striped ceiling. Makes me want to think about carnivals from hell.

5. Was it Halloween? No, it was just Los Tiki Phantoms rocking out! With their usual skull masks and the dark yet elegant uniform, Goth Punk dramatically fills in the air. Anybody will give this shot an “A” for the angle.

6. Well, what can I say? Any picture taken with Radiohead on it can be epic, knowing that this is one of the legends we are talking about. It had set the standards for their genre a long way back and has since been an icon of the rock scene.


7. I came across this picture with the caption “Red Roses for Billie Joe”. This might actually be one of those illustrations where the saying “a picture paints a thousand words” fits just right.

Billie Joe of Greenday

8. Brace yourselves, it’s Slayer! The sound of heavy metal rings your ears and brain until it reaches your soul to grab it and never let go. But enough with the metaphor, this shot just oozes with chaos as the band dominates the stage with that cinematic scene. Really, enough with the metaphor.


9. I became a fan of Slipknot at one point in my life. This metal band consisting of nine individuals can really dish out the word “heavy” in Heavymetal.  You can see the mosh pits grow in size as the crowd goes wild whenever Corey Taylor starts their set.

Corey Taylor of Slipknot

10. Guitarist Jonathan Lacey starts bleeding in the middle of Barry Konda Combo’s performance. Yes, the blood is authentic – it’s his. And yes, he never stopped playing until the end. Talk about passion.


This is a guest post provided by Rod Tolentino, a musician and a Marketing Consultant for UPrinting.com, a leading socially responsible online printing, marketing and technology firm that offers poster printing services and various printed marketing media.




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