Animal print, tribal and tech vector packs + t-shirts

It’s been a while since our latest vector packs release but we’ve been really busy and today we show you our latest creations. We have some new cool packs released in our seamless patterns, tribal and tech categories.

In the seamless category we have the new animal print vector seamless pattern pack.

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animal print seamless pattern

Our designers created a new set of tribal vector packs with cool shapes and great details, please see a preview bellow.


The new packs are from pack 5 to pack 12. These are great as tattoo art as well.

In the tech category we have 3 new packs, from pack 4 to 6.


Beside these we added to our collection some new t-shirt designs, have a look.




If you enjoy our art work(or not) your feedback is appreciated.

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  2. Manuel Mix Jun 4, 2012 at 18:39

    justo lo que buscaba mil Gracias.


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