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Artist of the Week – Talented Illustrator Jeremy Kyle

Jeremy Kyle (also known as CMYKyles) is a graphic designer, illustrator and digital artist that I just had to introduce to you guys. He is 22, lives in Auckland, New Zealand and creates some amazing mixed media compositions. He works his magic with pencils, pens, color pencils, water colors, paints, oils, news papers, textures, digital work and some seriously expressive and powerful designs come out.

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Interview with Talented Illustrator Raphael Vicenzi

Raphael Vicenzi a.k.a. Mydeadpony is a very talented sefl-taught artist from Brussels, Belgium. He is represented by the illustrator agency Colagene, so you can find most of his works there, among some of the most gifted artists. Raphael’s influence in his artwork comes from fashion, street art and graffiti. His illustrations are a mix of digital media, painting, sketches and drawings on watercolors, with textures and splotches and they are very detailed and meticulous.

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100+ Beautiful and Useful Textures to Use in Your Design Projects

Textures are a “must have” in a designers library because it helps you save precious time, it gives a unique and original look to your design and you can use them in just about anything: prints, photo manipulations, backgrounds, posters and much more.
Weather you need textures to create cracks on surfaces, to create fantasy papyrus maps, to create dirty, aged, scratched metal designs you will find all the textures you need in the showcase below. From paper, stone and metal textures to wood, jeans and watercolors – just name it! Enjoy.

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