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Design Inspiration: Symbolism in 15 Intricate Vector Illustrations

Art is, some might say, mankind’s most important achievement. We are one of the few creatures that can express thoughts, feelings and emotions in an abstract manner, and definitely the only one’s that can do it at such an incredible level. Even the most uncreative individual can draw a circle and a few lines to symbolize the sun, or some squiggly lines to represent a body of water.

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Showcase of 25 Cunning Celebrity Digital Caricatures

Caricatures are probably the most graphic way to describe someone, meaning both the most expressive and powerfully linked to the design domain. The significant visual impact, touch of surrealism and transparent humor are more than enough to win anyone over. So I’ve prepared a showcase of vector and photo manipulation celebrity caricatures to inspire us today and set the mood for the weekend.

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