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20 Inspiring Artworks Made by Romanian Illustrators

Just like I promised the last time, I brought you some really great design inspiration from Romania – I’m back now with brand new things to show you guys from our beautiful country. Today we’re going to talk about some of our best illustrators. Actually, we’re not going to talk much about them. I’ll just leave this beautiful selection of 20 inspiring artworks belonging to 5 talented artists talk for itself.

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Breathtaking Photography: Get to Know Bucharest in 40 Photos

Bucharest, as some of you may know, is the capital city of Romania, and has been so for just over 150 years, but the city itself is quite a bit older than that. First mentioned in 1459 when it became Vlad the Impaler’s residence, Prince of what was then known as Wallachia, the city started competing for the title of capital city, after subsequent rulers made it their court’s summer residence. It finally achieved its status as capital city after Wallachia and Moldavia united to form the Principality of Romania, in 1862.

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20 Inspirational Photos of Romanian Cityscapes

Cities are where history is, if not necessarily made, than certainly written. Rural areas have peaceful tranquility, of course, but there is no denying that cities have life. Vibrant, agitated, awe-inspiring life. Walking down a city street you get to see so many things, all of which have a story behind them. From the people, to the buildings, the stores, and even the street art, every aspect of the city is teeming with life.

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