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20 Free & Premium Bootstrap Templates

Are you looking for top notch HTML templates that would best fit your plans? Converting templates for WordPress or any other CMS platform? Don’t know where to start? We are here to help you creative professionals make your job easier. The best thing is that they are all entirely free, so you can just try and try every single one of them an see what suits your needs best.

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Top 15 Interactive Infographics for Your Inspiration

As a designer, it is probably safe to assume that you are pretty keen on infographics. Truth be told, it is hard not to be. Infographics are the most aesthetically pleasing way of transmitting information, and they are also one of the most efficient. They make both you (the information transmitter) and others (the information receivers) focus strictly on what is essential, and make memorization easier, by using images.

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Design Trends: Is One Web a Reality?

Despite the technological advancements from innovators such as Apple or Google and the incredible hype mobile internet has received, the reality is that the levels at which people are using the internet through their mobile phones has remained relatively flat. The recent research conducted in Hungary and Norway highlights an argument that mobile internet use is merely an extension of PC based internet and is used for the gathering of quick data when the PC is unavailable.

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