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Art History: Pop Art Motifs That Still Influence Modern Design

Pop Art is a significant artistic movement that originates from 1950s Britain and early 1960s United States. It was suggestively named “pop” art due to the fact that it encapsulates popular contemporary imagery, usually removed from its initial context and combined with unrelated elements. It’s considered to perfectly represent the paradox of mass culture because it simultaneously employs mundane cultural objects, celebrities and symbolic items from advertising, news and comic books.

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Design Inspiration: 7 Jaw-Dropping Elvis Artworks

In case you’re already not aware of this, starting on the 10th of August, we (well, mostly the USA) celebrate Elvis Week 2013.
It has become quite a tradition that each year we dedicate a week to celebrating the king of rock’ n ‘roll, the great Elvis Presley. And why shouldn’t we? In fact, I personally believe that one week is not enough and that there should be a whole month about him.

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Read the lines. See in between.

Pop art is a visual art movement that started in UK (mid 50’s). Pop art and minimalism are considered to be the last modern movements. There’s a lot of interesting stuff to say about pop art and its history, like: the huge impact of Python Pop art, Jasper John’s Flag, Andy Warhol’s interesting works, Takashi Murakami’s… Continue reading