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15 Awesome jQuery Text Effects for Your Website

When designing a website, you need to take extra special care of the landing page, as it is the page that reels in potential customers or frequent users. So you start doing an awesome design, and eventually finish doing it, and you notice that needs a little something extra; something like a text effect. But you are weary and tired, and just don’t feel like putting in the extra minutes, or even hours, in CSS, or finding the perfect color, shape and angle for the text.

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Winners of the Giveaway: 3 Smart Slider 2 Plugins!

It’s time to announce the 3 lucky winners that will each receive a lifetime license worth $100 for the Smart Slider 2 plugin from our friends over at NextendWeb. Smart Slider 2 is a user-friendly, highly customizable, responsive solution to build your slider into your site – the next generation of WordPress plugins. It works with both HTML5 and CSS3, has a user friendly backend, cross-browser compatibility, excellent support, touch screen adaptability and high quality code.

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5 Awesome Social Media Plugins for WordPress

While Google search is still the number one driver of online traffic, social media is the clear number two. For some sites, social media is an even bigger source of traffic than the almighty Google. Whether you prefer Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Reddit, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, or Pinterest – social media should be a key part of any blogger/webmaster’s traffic generation strategy.

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