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Top 8 Mind Mapping Tools for Designers

We all know how frustrating it is to put ideas on a sheet of paper and organizing them efficiently, without making a mess out of it. Well, mind mapping tools help you out greatly. They are great to use if you are planning on creating a logo design, if you are working out how to build an app or everything design related. We have rounded up 8 mind mapping tools to help you out.

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5 Project Management Tips for Your Startup Design Business

Have you decided to start your own business or are you already in your early development phase? Regardless of whether you’ve taken project management classes or are just running on instinct, advice from people in the field or people you know, managing a startup business is not easy to do. It requires juggling a lot of issues. It’s easy to get overloaded, to procrastinate and lose sight of your goals. Let’s take a look at thing you could do to make your job easier!

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99 Tools for Successfully Running Your Online Business

Running a business can be described as a never-ending challenge. There’s always something to be done or some problem to be solved. Running an online business is even harder. You need to use the various tools and apps that were designed to solve the most common business problems, be they related to communication and collaboration, billing and accounting or calendars and scheduling.

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