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16 Free jQuery Image Sliders

There are thousands of plug-ins out there, so to make your life just a little bit easier, we decided to go on a little treasure hunt for free jQuery image sliders. We have gathered 20 of what we think are the best ones out there, and we are going to present them to you, hopefully helping you save precious hours you would rather invest in work or, dare we say it, relaxation.

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15 Awesome jQuery Text Effects for Your Website

When designing a website, you need to take extra special care of the landing page, as it is the page that reels in potential customers or frequent users. So you start doing an awesome design, and eventually finish doing it, and you notice that needs a little something extra; something like a text effect. But you are weary and tired, and just don’t feel like putting in the extra minutes, or even hours, in CSS, or finding the perfect color, shape and angle for the text.

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15 Free Unique jQuery Navigation Menus

Today’s design inspiration comes with double entendre, which in this case is good news for you because you get a set of awesome free design resources. I’ve put together a collection of 15 cool free jQuery navigation menus for your web design projects. They’re actually really useful for large websites because they save a lot of space and make navigation easier – especially the dropdown menus which encapsulate a great amount of content.

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