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10 One of a Kind Japanese Design Resources

I decided to share with you today one of my oldest obsessions: Japanese culture. Ever since I was this little I was fascinated by all those tales of dragons, Geishas and ninjas, they were a big part of my childhood and my love for them is far from gone even up to this day.
And since everything we are influences our work, I will show you now 10 amazing Japanese design resources that are just waiting for that graphic designer who would make the best out of them.

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Japanese Design Inspiration: Samurai and Ninja Vector Illustrations

For all designers and design enthusiasts out there who are looking for some badass inspiration, I’ve got exactly what you need! I’ve put together for you today a showcase of awesome Japanese themed vector illustrations with ninjas and samurais, that I hope will inspire you. Also, I’m going to share with you a couple of amazing vector packs that will surely prove to be useful design resources.

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The Influence of Japanese Culture in Graphic Design

Japanese culture is fascinating for all of us because it’s so different. Along the decades, many have tried to copy various features from it. Just think about the painted ceramic dishes, or the kimono dress, the Japanese umbrella, the lovely flower pattern designs and so much more. Japanese art, for example, covers a wide range of art styles: sculpture in bronze and wood, ancient pottery, ink painting on silk fabrics and on paper and most recently, Japanese art also covers art styles such as manga, cartoons and other contemporary types of artwork.

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