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5 Great Career Tips for Junior Web Designers

Starting in a big company, as your first job, can be nerve-wrecking. There are so many things that you need to get accustomed to, in a short time. You will see so many people that you think they got it all figured out, but, in fact, they are just going with the flow, learning every step of the way. Don’t despair, you will soon be able to fake it like them, and at least, you will have some experience to back it up. To get there, you need to practice every moment of your time and put passion in what you do.

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Photography Trend: People Reenacting Photos from Their Childhood

Nothing is quite as expressive as a photograph, and the older they are, the more expressive they get. We take photographs not so that we won’t forget, but so that we will remember. It’s about that beautiful feeling you get when, after completely forgetting something, you see a photograph by or of you, and it brings that memory surging back in to you mind, making it vivid all over again.

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