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How to find out if your website design is optimized for conversions

Do you know what causes visitors to take any action on your website?

No, begin with the website design that you have implemented. It plays a vital role in converting a visitor into a buyer.
Ever since you have started your business website, visitors have interacted with it. It is their first point of contact for interaction with regards to your product or service. Designing a website for a better conversion rate is easy to accomplish. 

Impeccable website design will attract more visitors and increase the chances of conversion.

But, how do you know whether your website is ready for more conversions?

Having an analytics tool that gives you Heatmaps and Session Recording can do the magic for you. These two c-r-o (conversion rate optimization) features can help you understand the user journey on your website.

What is C-R-O? 

Conversion rate optimization is a process of increasing sales on a website. C-R-O is both an art and science of converting visitors into buyers. A conversion will depend on the type of website and product or service that is offered.

For instance, conversion on an e-commerce website will be ordering a product. For a gymnasium website, it could be filling up an inquiry form. In general, C-R-O is about increasing sales for whatever conversion goal you may have.

Having a website design that suits your business is important. It’s important to choose the right website design depending on the type of product or service that is offered.
For example, your website homepage receives 200 visitors, out of which 20 take desired actions. Then the conversion rate would be 20 divided by 200 or 10 percent.

There are many C-R-O related tools available for eCommerce stores. The most famous names include Hotjar and CrazyEgg.
Similarly, HumCommerce is a C-R-O tool that provides Heatmaps & Session Recordings for your eCommerce business or website.

How does HumCommerce benefit a website?

  • It increases sales on the website

    Optimize the design of your website for higher conversion rates which means higher sales. Basically, it helps you understand a visitor on your website through Heatmaps & Session recordings

    Heatmap is a chart showing you where the majority of the visitors are looking at or clicking on when browsing the website. Using heatmaps, eCommerce businesses can improve particular areas of the website. You can easily optimize the design of your website and make it ready for more conversion. Make the most interactive CTAs highlighted, or keep them more visible on the website page. eCommerce owners should exploit the available resources to design a better website.

    HeatmapsImage Source –

    Session Recordings are complete video recordings of the website screen where visitors interact. This enables eCommerce businesses to see and analyze visitors’ journeys on the website. A critical analysis is very easy with the help of session recordings. It almost immediately gives you the pain-points on a website. With this insight, the website design can change in order to get more sales.

  • It helps to improve visitors stickability

     You can design a website that keeps visitors engaged with it. Have more valuable content on your site. Give information about the usability of your product.

    Try to improve the stickability of your website by watching live or recorded visitors’ sessions on your website using HumCommerce. Watch your entire recommended session recordings and find out what it is that’s making your visitors stay on the site. Which CTA has been clicked the highest number of times? All such interactive elements with higher interactivity can be highlighted and placed thoroughly on site.

  • It boosts revenue without having to spend a lot on traffic generation

    It is focused on converting existing traffic, and not bringing new traffic on websites. Conversion optimization comes after SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which is used for increasing traffic. So, as all businesses have an objective of making profits, it’s obviously crucial to have a website design that converts more traffic into buyers. These buyers, in turn, generate most of the revenue for your business online.

  • It boosts feature adoption

     Having an optimized website design in place makes you ready for conversion. Visitors spend more time with your website than a non-optimized website. Visitors adopt your service quickly than your competitors’ website if your goal is to optimize your website design for higher adoption and market penetration.

  • It helps the growth of the business by facing better problems

    When you know our website is having an impeccable design that does not fail you, conversions happen. Websites with great designs get good revenue through online business


    To sum it up, to get ahead of your competitors, eCommerce stores must have optimized website designs. The better website design will serve the purpose it was visited for. In order to get ready for higher conversion, website design needs to be proper.
    Once the website design is in place, C-R-O activities can be worked upon.

    C-R-O is about manifesting your financial and professional goals. It requires many iterations, learning, perseverance. The earlier you start the journey the better.

    You can start a free trial with HumCommerce right away.