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12 Amazing American Flag Designs

Since May is almost over and we’re about to embrace one of the most beautiful summer months, June, I decide to talk to you about one of the most important holidays that will take place then.
Yes, your guess is correct. I’m talking about Flag Day, which takes place every year, on June 14. On this special day, Americans not only celebrate the adoption of the United States flag, but also the Army Birthday.

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12 Fresh Summer Design Resources

I don’t know about you guys, but for me, this short vacation that just passed was too darn short. And in my denial of having to get back to work and in the city, I’ve decided to talk today about most beautiful of all seasons and holidays: summer.
So without any further babbling, here’s a most heart-warming collection of 12 summer design resources I stumbled upon recently.

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10 Inspiring Cinco de Mayo Vector Illustrations

Hi there, guys! Since I suppose some of you are already gone on vacation, others are getting ready to leave and others are busy hating the all the above mentioned, I decided to write a quickie today, so that you don’t get too bored reading it.
And to show you that I don’t only think about myself when I write here, I’ve put together for you today a really cute and inspiring showcase of 10 vector illustrations for Cinco de Mayo.

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