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15 Fresh and Amazing Photoshop Actions

Get your hands on this ultimate collection of Ps actions that will help you create vintage engraved photos, static image sliders for presentations, 3D books in six positions, HDR images, high quality drop shadows, cinematic 3D texts, make-up retouches, pencil drawing effects, awesome comics from your photos, collages and much more. Furthermore, I’ve added in the mix two freebies: a reflection action and a set containing vintage, retro, old, sepia, monotone, retouch, black and white and artificial lighting effects. Enjoy!

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30+ Stunning HDR photos of animals

The High-Dynamic Range images show a lot of detail in both bright sunlight and feint moonlight. In the following photos, they show the true nature of animals: ferocity, goofiness, cuteness… all in HDR! Further resource: Pet Portraits