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Artist of the Week: Innovative Table Designs by Greg Klassen

This week’s artist is Greg Klassen, and he lives in the Pacific Northwest, together with his wife and three kids, which he considers a source of inspiration, along with surrounding rivers, trees, and fields. He makes a point out of creating his works, not producing them, as each piece is handmade and unique. We have chosen our favorite pictures of awesome furniture from four of his collections.

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Typography Showcase: 17 Most Awesome Handmade Fonts

In my daily search for design inspiration, I came across an amazing website called HMF (HandMadeFont). Based on their work, I put together for you guys a showcase of unusual fonts made from the most unexpected materials: fur, rope, leather, sea shells, ice, sticks, rock, porcelain and even money! They can be used in branding, publication, packaging, stationery, websites and exhibitions.

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