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Showcase of 15 Musicians Fan Art Designs

Art chooses its ‘victims’ in the most random way possible, as a result of the artists’ permanent circle running in search for brand new inspiration sources.
To prove my point here with you, I chose music as our today’s graphic design inspiration source. The result of my research is an awesome showcase of 15 fan art designs that will perfectly match your more than useful design resources.

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Impressive Celebrity Digital Fan Art

I’ve put together for your viewing pleasure today a collection of cool celebrity fan artworks, basically vector illustrations and photo manipulations, to get your design inspiration going on these lazy summer days. Among our subjects are Jack Nicholson, the regretted Heath Ledger, Morgan Freeman, Rihanna, January Jones, Steve Carell, Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter and many more.

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Bringing Movies to Life: 20 Creative Samples of Movie Fan Art

When movies become the topic of conversation, you can easily notice who is a fan in the crowd and who is passionate about this field. There are even some who have honed design skills and have built a profession on this particularly inspirational foundation – movies. They breathe life into a type of art that expresses the appreciation for a film – movie fan art.

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