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22 Highest Rated E-Commerce Plugins for WordPress

WordPress plugins are created to broaden the functionality of WordPress, to improve certain pre-existing features or add new ones. They constitute of php scripts that can help you build a custom website, tailored to your needs. If you have (or are just starting) a WordPress site that distributes cool vector packs , design deals or whatever your creative heart desires, this collection will surely come in handy.

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Great Looking Online Shop Website Designs for Inspiration

I noticed that many e-commerce websites are more keen on presenting their offers and as many products as possible and don’t keep in mind the visitor. Because of that, some online shops look heavily loaded with images and information and it’s hard to focus on one thing.

In my opinion, a successful online shop should be easy to navigate (intuitive), it must have a professional, clean, well spaced design (or a creative one, it depends on the shop and the products) and it must make you want to come back.

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