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Dirty Car Art by Scott Wade

Scott Wade loves to get dirty and make art. Literally, he does art in dirt. Well, on dirty cars, but you get the point of it. Music and art has always been a part of Scott’s life, his father was an amateur cartoonist that just loved to doodle and he would make coloring books for the neighborhood kids during Christmas. He went on a music scholarship to college, but changed majors so he could seek his true calling – Art.

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Anamorphic Pencil Art by Alessandro Diddi

Anamorphosis is a technique, that some say has been used even in cave paintings, that distorts images in such a way that makes it visible or coherent only when viewed with a special device, or from a certain vantage point. Alessandro creates marvelous pencil drawings. He uses pencil, paper, and himself in his works, giving the world some truly masterful works, made all the more impressive by the limited number of tools he employs.

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Stars of Brazil 2014 by Rudi Gundersen

If you are as curious as us, you can check more of his work in his Facebook, and Behance pages. You can also follow his Twitter, and Instagram feed. If you have fallen in love with his work, and wish to buy it, you can do it by accessing his society6 page shop. Maybe, you just want to drop by and say hi. You can also do that by e-mailing him at [email protected] Well, enough talking. Lets immerse ourselves into Rudi’s world.

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