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4 Project Management Problems And How You Can Address Them

Being a project manager is tough. It means a lot of work. Your day to day is comprised of a lot of meetings, facing and solving a host of problems, asking for resources when the ones you have are insufficient (which, you’ll find, is most of the time), following up on a million tiny details, writing up constant reports on how your project is evolving, not to mention dealing with a lot of different people, many of which don’t really make the job any easier on you.

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Freelance Design: Client Types & How to Work with Them

Just as every freelancer is a little different, you will find each client has different needs and cares. However, many clients fall into one of a number of types, each requiring different approaches or handling to ensure the best working relationship. Knowing your client types will help you tailor your approach and produce the most successful project outcome.

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How to Think Like a Successful Graphic Designer

Let’s say that you’ve started a small graphic design studio with your collage room mates and you have landed a few small projects with a couple of big companies. This is just the beginning of the road for you, you still have a lot to learn, to practice and you still have a long way to go before building your connections, growing your portfolio and becoming known.

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