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Design Inspiration – Vector Zodiac Characters

The zodiac is a belt-shaped astronomical region in the middle of which is the ecliptic (or the sun’s path). It’s divided into twelve constellations, which in astrology represent birth signs. Whether or not you’re a believer or follower of the horoscope, the awesome and funny vector sets with the zodiac characters will surely come in handy in your design projects.

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Pixel Comic Strip #2 by Alan Jones

Alan created these funny characters called: Pixel, Al Gore-ithm, Text and Sound File and put them in a story. This is Pixel Comic Strip 2 created for Pixel77.
Alan has been drawing Pixel comic strips for a few years, but he didn’t publish them anywhere except his Facebook. Alan is working in the IT world and he always had a fascination with the overlaps between the digital and the real.

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