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15 Digital Artists that You Have to Check Out

Digital art is an excellent example of science being used to create art, and it is also pretty much ubiquitous in this day and age. Chances are that digital art is also the means by which you make a living, so inspiration is key to earning your wages. That’s why we decided to make a list of some pretty cool digital artists that you should totally check out.

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Artist of the Week – Character Illustrator Andreas Preis

Andreas Preis is a wonderful designer and illustrator from Berlin, Germany. I absolutely fell in love with his drawings and his illustrations as they are so full of detail and life. I enjoyed the expression on each character, the mix of colors and the concepts of each of his works. He has worked for important clients and agencies such as ESPN Classic, CK One, NIKE, Ogilvy, Tetrapack, TNT and so the list could go on. Check out his artworks!

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30 Colorful and Funny Character Designs

Character designs are really funny, creative, colorful, scary, abstract or whatever the artist is imagining. Some characters make you think of the cartoons in your childhood, some are scary, fantasy-like, but they are all full of creativity. Character designs are used in poster designs, in product commercials, in toy industry, in apparel industry and in… Continue reading