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Design Resources Showcase: Sea Creatures

I put together an awesome collection of design resources today and chose “under the sea” as a theme. What does this mean for you guys? A Photoshop brushes pack, a cool vector pack, a funky octopus T-shirt design, two Photoshop .psd files and a lot of vector illustrations with sea creatures such as different species of fish, sharks, octopuses, calamari, crabs, sea horses, snails, shells and all the marine fauna you can imagine!

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Design Inspiration that Goes Bump! in the Night – Monsters and Creatures

I thought we’d start off the week with some different kind of design resources to fuel your inspiration. What do you feel about some imaginary creatures and monsters… cute, or otherwise? In my opinion, being able to imagine something completely different from other existing creatures is a special trait. So we’re going to appreciate these… Continue reading