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Building Your Reputation as a Designer: 9 Things To Consider

It is no secret that is very popular to be a designer. Most people who can draw, paint, illustrate or all three are going to at least try, at one point, to become designers. Those who manage to make a successful career in design understood something important: you have to build a reputation. In today’s article, we will be talking about a few things you should consider when building your reputation as a designer.

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3 Easy Ways to Deal with Change within Your Team of Designers

Twenty years ago, school career advice didn’t even list design as a possible occupation. The design industry has grown up a lot since then and is now at the heart of the creative industries which, in turn, are now the second largest industry in the UK after finance. It’s fair to say that jobs within the design industry are hugely competitive, once you have found the talent ideal for your business; it’s all about maintaining a good relationship with your designers and ensuring they are happy within the workplace.

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[Infographic] – Creative Salaries for 2012

I’ve come across an interesting little infographic from HOW Design, which colorfully establishes what the design jobs and career salaries are for 2012. They also post the Behance Job List, where you can find great opportunities in the domain. So all in all, their Design Jobs section is worth checking out. You can also read more about outsourcing and finding jobs as a freelance designer – the basics and some interesting statistics – here. Enjoy!

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