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20 Inspiring Artworks Made by Romanian Illustrators

Just like I promised the last time, I brought you some really great design inspiration from Romania – I’m back now with brand new things to show you guys from our beautiful country. Today we’re going to talk about some of our best illustrators. Actually, we’re not going to talk much about them. I’ll just leave this beautiful selection of 20 inspiring artworks belonging to 5 talented artists talk for itself.

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Top 10 Design Events You Must Attend This Summer

Staying at home to work and do tutorials is all well and good, but there’s only so many vector illustrations you can do before it stops being fun. Besides, you probably want to stay in touch with trends, and see what other designers and artists are doing. Today, we will be showing you a list of some of the best design events that are taking place this summer, so you will not have to loose precious time looking for a place to spend your vacation.

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